WordPress 5.0.2 Question

Just installed WP on a database for a new client site and tried to switch it over to CP and it does not accept it. Is there a newer plugin to convert to ClassicPress for 5.0.2 and if not, is there a way to roll back the version of WP anyone could suggest? Or am I just stuck with ol’ gobberborg for now?

Can you check what is the version of the Switch to ClassicPress plugin?
It should be the 0.5.0

I had the same issue on DO with 5.0.2, I had to manually install CP because the migration plugin wouldn’t work.

There weren’t any errors thrown though, and just the warning about potentially unsupported version.

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I think the issue is that the plugin does a check for the WP version, and it hasn’t yet been tested to work with 5.0.2. I am pretty sure you can override that check at your own risk, but I will have to search for the details of how to do that.

It is not clear what this means. A screenshot or an exact error message would be helpful.

Most likely you need to download the latest version of the migration plugin at https://github.com/ClassicPress/ClassicPress-Migration-Plugin/releases as others have said. Version 0.5.0 of the plugin supports WordPress 5.0.2.

I went ahead and deactivated and removed the Switch to CP plugin, then went to https://www.classicpress.net/migrate/ and installed the plugin at that page, activated it, and got the red “x” circle with this text " This plugin supports WordPress versions 4.9.0 to 5.0.0 (and some newer development versions). You are running WordPress version 5.0.2 ."

I went to the link @james provided, download that version, and it took. So, now I can set the site up! So…I guess the Github plugin still needs to be reviewed before the link at the migrate page can be updated.

Thanks, guys!

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Updated the link on that page :slight_smile:

Glad everything worked though.


Thanks. Is there a way to automate it so that every time the actual plugin is updated successfully the mail link on that download page is also updated concurrently?

These pages should be linking to e.g. https://github.com/ClassicPress/ClassicPress-Migration-Plugin/releases instead.

That, or we need to keep a list of the places to update each time a new version is released, and keep the list up to date whenever someone adds a new link.

Creating a shortcode to generate release links would be another option. Not something I’m going to be able to work on anytime soon though.

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