WordPress 6.2.1 breaks shortcodes (check your WP websites)

I know many of our community members run both WordPress and ClassicPress.

This does not affect ClassicPress.

If you still use WordPress, the latest v6.2.1 breaks shortcodes used in templates in block themes (classic themes should not be affected). This was by design to fix a vulnerability, but it wasn’t communicated. Now a lot of websites/plugins are broken. So please check your WordPress websites.

This is a trac ticket with a fix - BUT - if you do use the code to fix it, you will bring back a vulnerability:


I think it affects only block-based themes on WP. A classic theme should still be OK.

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I would agree, my 6.2.1 sites appear unaffected, but are using the classic editor / widgets plugins.


I updated the post to specify block themes.