WordPress vs. ClassicPress guide

WordPress vs. ClassicPress comparison.

What I missed?

All criticism, tips, corrections, additions appreciated.


Your page has selection inhibited, which is obnoxious.
You have misnamed the main guy at WordPress. His name is Matt:

Even Mark Mullenweg is not happy with the performance of the page builder:

This statement seems like a conclusion drawn after the fact.

These inconveniences plus some other issues led to the birth of ClassicPress.

In fact, the CP fork was made mostly because of dictatorship of changing to a lesser editor despite all of the dissenting outcries.
(As I read more, I see you do sort of say this later, but this one sentence feels wrong being at the top of the explanation.)

This did not happen.

Better accessibility, especially after upgrading to TinyMCE v5.

Missing an ‘r’

that ClassicPess uses 13% less memory and loads 29% faster when editing a post.

Also, my own comment 2 weeks ago in CP Slack shows how long it took for some sort of parity. Developers were asking for how to limit what the user could change for quite awhile.

The WP 6.1 Field Guide is out, and I am amused at this one:

Block themes developer now can have consistent styles across similar elements, and control those in theme.json file.

Only 11 major releases from the block editor start, block themes can do what themes should do: style things consistently. Not with CSS, but JSON.

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I know. Can’t find the place where to fix it. Any help appreciated.

Big thank you for corrections.

In dynamik-min-css, there is this rule:

* {

You could override it, but you should probably ask the plugin author to change that to help all the users.

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