Working with ninia-forms - adding some images to the site - how to do this

hello and good day,

i just dive into the usage of Ninja forms. i want to use it in combination with the jobify-theme ( made by Astoundify )

The question is at the moment: how to create this production-ready contact us form in just two steps.

Step one, install and activate our free Ninja Forms plugin.
Step two, head over to the Ninja Forms and generate your contact form template.

After that, add the newly created form to your page or post, and that’s it!

but wait what if i want to create a field where i put some data into - i want to add a image to the site:

Ses fro examples here : eg. a field


what is wanted: i want to add some images and graphics to the page - e.g. in a widget

see an example.what is aimed:

see here Customer stories · GitHub

or here

Can you advice here - how to do this with Ninja - Forms.

look forward to hear from you



You are trying to create a testimonial input form with ninja forms so that people can upload their testimonial and logo and it gets published on a page, correct?

File uploads is a ninja forms paid extension.

Let me suggest something different.

You can achieve this using a simple and free testimonial plugin that is compatible with CP.

These three free plugins are just examples and are free and compatible with CP. All of them support the input of a customer logo, a feedback or comment and other details customers might want to input in their feedback.

You can put the form that the testimonial plugin comes with on a page to let your customers submit their feedback on their own, and show the carousel of their logos in your homepage.

Let me know if this is what you were looking for.

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