WPML in CP 2

Referring to the related post, the latest version of WPML (4.6.10) does not throw the fatal error, well with the following caveats:

  • General Settings > Blocks Compatibility: On
  • WordPress Editor instead of WPML Translation Editor is set, preferably site-wide to avoid continuous issues (normally I choose this while editing individual item, and when this option is changed, the software offers “All the site’s content” as one of the options)

Before updating to CP 2, I suggest disabling the plugin, and after CP 2 is ready and before enabling WPML, make sure Blocks Compatibility is set to On, or otherwise the plugin will throw an error at some point.

WPML String Translation works okay.

I was also hoping to have the WPML Media Translation working, but this plugin doesn’t work in either CP 1.7 or 2 (I can install and activate it, but the plugin won’t go through initial set-up). Maybe it will be fixed…

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