WYSIWYG Advanced - Error

Not bad made

Looks like you do not agree with one of my theme
maybe because of PHP 7

Only for me somehow is better WP edit`
It’s simpler and has a lot of advanced options
I stay at wp edit until further notice

@JerryNidzo What error message are you seeing?

Oh, I’ve already deleted the plugin
I did not really look at full functionality
I saw this error in settings

How I said kept my wp edit and for now I keep it

Unfortunately, the admin of wp edit seems to be adapt to gutenberg.
I sent a support question and received the following answer

Thank you for reaching out.
Yes, I have been working on a compatible version of WP Edit.

I agree many people will not want to upgrade yet.
I was hoping to make a version compatible with both WP > 5.0 and WP < 5.0.
But it seems they are so different; it would be counter-productive to try and support both.

For this reason; I was planning on just supporting WP > 5.0 for new plugin releases.
If users want to stay with WP < 5.0; then they will need an older version of WP Edit.

I’m still not entirely sure this is the road I will take; but it’s where it is looking like it is going.
I"m certainly open to any feedback you may have.

There is more and more plugin that I will not update in the future


With this error you saw, all other features of @Code_Potent’s plugin should keep working.

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Thanks, @james.

@JerryNidzo, James is correct. For themes that include an editor-style.css file, they can add extra styles to the editor. When enabled, the option pulls styles from that style sheet and puts them into a drop-down menu for easy access. The term Error is misleading. It is simply a notice. I didn’t change it from the original plugin, but, I have opened an issue for this. Thanks for reporting your experience.

Yes, I must admit that I was surprised too to see this notice when testing the plugin. I did not really find it disturbing, since I was aware of the background - but if I hadn’t been, or if I would have been less familiar with the issue, I might have been perplexed, thus I understand the reaction.
It would be a good idea to formulate it differently in a future release.

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It does not matter anyway I use WP edit
Thank you

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Thanks for the pull request, @GTMAN! For anyone who comes across this thread, the issue has been addressed.


It does matter. ClassicPress is a community project.

Thank you for sharing the error message with us. Sharing any issues you are having and answering follow-up questions help us to make ClassicPress better for everyone.