1st Quarter 2020 - Ecosystem Team Updates

Ecosystem Update


Classic Commerce
Classic Commerce is nearing beta1 now. For the past few weeks, we’ve been working on backporting security updates from WC and on PHP 7.4 compatibility. This is now almost complete and beta1 will be released soon.

Classic SEO
Classic SEO reached beta stage earlier in this quarter but little progress has been made in recent weeks as priority has been given to CC beta1. Work on RC1 will start as soon as CC beta1 is completed.

Liaised with @james over addition of “Classic Elements” and email plugin to ClassicPress Research.


I’ve been working with Litespeed for some time now and the first achievement, as mentioned previously, was to get them to officially add support for ClassicPress for their WordPress cache plugin.

Since then, I’ve been working with them to convert their one-click installer script to support ClassicPress. Currently, this script installs a full LAMP stack, but instead of Apache, it installs OpenLiteSpeed, the Open Source flavour of LiteSpeed. Users also have the option to install and automatically configure a WordPress site complete with the LiteSpeed cache plugin.

I’ve now submitted a PR that adds support for ClassicPress and this is currently being tested by LiteSpeed. This will provide another way for CP to be easily installed.

EDIT 2020-03-12T19:55:00Z - the GitHub PR has now been approved. and merged.


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