6 sites migrated, no issues - 2 big bad ones to go

So… yeah. I’m not particularly code-savvy, so I admit that I’m finding all this a bit anxiety-provoking. I’m an indie writer/novelist, not a site designer or dev.

So far, I’ve used the plugin to migrate 6 sites from WordPress 4.9.9 to ClassicPress. All worked seamlessly, no plugin conflicts, no errors at all. Since one of those is my primary site for my writing, it’s a relief, to say the least! It was much more painless and easy than I was halfway braced for.

I used gtmetrix.com to check the speeds before and after. There’s enough variation and a small enough average before-and-after difference to make it less than dramatic, but I can confidently say that they’re all running at least as quickly as before and possibly a bit faster. These are very minimalist sites - for the most part, they’re places for me to post chapters of serials - and that’s a comparison against 4.9.9, not 5.0.x.

I also apparently need to have a word with the hosting company since we’re at PHP 5.6.39 which I gather is bad? (Sorry, like I said, not great at the tech end.)

I have two sites left to migrate, and they’re both a bit more scary. One is a very old personal blog that has, over time, gone from b2evolution to wordpress.com to being self-hosted in WP, big and clunky and slow and relatively media-heavy, but if it crashes, well, the traffic is low these days. If that one has issues I won’t be surprised.

The really worrying one is over 6 years old and is a bit of a beast, in need of thorough housekeeping I’m not confident enough in my skills to attempt. I sort of accidentally ended up as admin of a site for a community that lost its previous home (it was “upgraded” to the point where some couldn’t even load it) and I’m pretty much on my own among a lot of friends who are mostly older adults and mostly not at all tech-savvy. If it goes down, they’re going to be rather distressed, although less so if I warn them I’m doing work. I’m going to have to do some thinking about that one and might hold off until the RC. (If you’re thinking that I have no business trying to run a site when I’m out of my depth, you’re probably right, but someone had to do it.)

I intend to keep promoting CP wherever I can. I’m no use for the tech side of things, but anything I can do, I will. I know what works for me, as far as the sites I use for my writing, and that is emphatically not the direction WP is moving in. So I am extremely grateful for the alternative!

Would a list of plugins that (as far as I can tell) are working just fine be helpful? It won’t be all that long - there are at most about 20 on any one site and the vast majority are repeats.


I too had some concerns about migrating before the RC, but I went ahead & did it the night before WP 5.0 hit… all seven of my sites are now on the BETA, and there have been NO hiccups!

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Great to hear everything so far has gone smoothly. And I wish you luck with your next two sites, we are here if you run into anything along the way!

Regarding plugins, yes that would be great @azurecurve is compiling a list here: Plugins Confirmed Working on ClassicPress v1 :slight_smile:

I really like web serials. I’m currently reading http://practicalguidetoevil.wordpress.com/ https://tiraas.net/ and https://www.parahumans.net/. Feel free to share one of your favorites that you’re working on if you want.

Could be worse. You’ll want to consider upgrading this, but PHP 7 does also introduce a few potentially breaking changes (only for “bad” code, which unfortunately there is a lot of). Read on…

You really need to start any change to your site’s structure by making a backup!

Many hosting providers offer this as a service, or there are lots of plugins that can help too. UpdraftPlus, BackupBuddy, iThemes has one… there are lots of options.


The only serial currently active is urban fantasy erotica, just for fun. :slight_smile: Mostly I do fantasy and urban fantasy novels. A couple of those links look interesting, I need to check those out.

So far so good on the progress. The messy b2evo-into-wp-hosted-into-self-hosted cats/RL blog migrated perfectly without a single hiccup. I did make sure that I had backups at hand, one manual via FileZilla and phpMyAdmin and one via Updraft Plus. I appreciate the suggestion, I’ve so far not had great luck picking backup plugins!

Our web host, on request, gave us the option of switching to PHP 7.1 or 7.2 via MultiPHP Manager in cPanel. So I guess the next project will be changing that and hoping for a minimal amount of bad code and only in places I can track it down.

That mostly leaves me with the community site I run. Probably the thing that worries me the most is that it has bbPress forums. The bbPress plugin says it’s compatible up to WP 4.9.9. However, since the lead devs are Matt Mullenweg and John James Jacoby who’s also a WP core dev, it looks like, I really rather doubt that dropping by the bbPress site and cheerfully asking how they feel about supporting CP will go any direction I’ll like. I’m coming to the unwelcome conclusion that I might be stuck on that one.

Thank you for the patience and the support, it’s very much appreciated! I can’t help on the technical side, but I can contact contact theme and plugin devs, write about my own experiences, try to spread the word, and keep an eye out for issues.


Manual backups are the best way to go anyway. It’s always better to go “one level below” the application itself and grab the files + a database dump, but honestly many people don’t have the technical understanding to do things this way.

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A quick thank you note. I have just now ported my elderly personal site from WP 5 to CP 1 and it all went as smoothly as possible. In a week or so i will start moving 4 or 5 other sites over.

I agree with James. I had used both Filezilla and phpMyAdmin to back up before I did anything else, because I wanted to be in charge of the process :slight_smile:


I’ve now moved all of my 4 sites over to ClassicPress without a problem (one is 13 years old with 650 posts). Before each update I used the excellent Updraftplus to make a backup. Thanks to James and all the team for your efforts.