AdRotate is compatible with ClassicPress

I’m working to make my plugins compatible with ClassicPress. Mostly this involves some testing as most are probably compatible already.

I want to highlight AdRotate Banner Manager in this post.

A great FREE plugin for all your basic advertising needs and then some - Check it out here:

If you find any quirks, please let me know through my forum. I’m very keen on providing a good user experience in both WordPress and ClassicPress.

If you’re interested in supporting my work I also have AdRotate Professional available, links for that can be found on my site.


Confirmed, I’ve been using it on CP for some time.

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This is your work, I understand?

Perhaps a good idea to add it to the official cp directory as such?
That’ll make it available when people search for classicpress plugins on the cp dir.

Sorry if I misunderstood the intent of the post :smiley:

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Yep, I’m the developer.
What should I add and where?


Our Directory is here:
(see about creating the account)
Here are the relevant guides to submit the plugin:



:star_struck: :grin:



I don’t have or particuarly want discourse, whatever that is.
Can’t I just log in with Github or the forum account? :roll_eyes:

Edit: nvm…

Discourse is the software that runs this forum. :slight_smile:

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I don’t know/see that, and the login button said to use my “discourse” account.
Reading the submission guidelines more closely said to use the forum account…

Anyway, I’ve just created a Dev account and added AdRotate. I guess it needs to be approved now? :partying_face:


I’ve amended the submission document to clarify this.


I’ve updated AdRotate and its product page yesterday to be a bit more ClassicPress friendly.
Also to download it you no longer need an account through my site.

And, should you decide you want or need AdRotate Pro, there is a special ClassicPress discount in your dashboard to buy an AdRotate Pro license. Look for the notification along the top of the dashboard.


Nice one @arnandegans - I did add you onto the “must-have plugins” page. Feel free to edit this with a few more details if you want, as it is a wiki.


Looks good, thanks :partying_face:

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