Advanced option in migration plugin?

Can someone please remind me how to do a migration using the advanced options? I just tried a standard migration and got this screen and I’m not seeing what I can do to upgrade manually. I thought there was some option to do this somewhere?

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Ah… OK - I found it…

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If this is specifically for unsupported version numbers, you can ignore it to proceed with the migration:

add_filter( ‘classicpress_ignore_wp_version’, ‘__return_true’ );


Hooray… that works! I will write this down somewhere so I never need to ask again. :laughing:


We can bump that version, it was a minor release, no further testing should be needed, since we already support 5.8
I am not sure thou if that needs a new plugin release or can be done with API change
@MattyRob - do you know this?

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@smileBeda Support can be rolled out by updating the API alone.

I’ve created a PR for just this:


If anyone has done 5.8.1 migration to ClassicPress (including local), leave a comment on this pull request to help provide testing feedback so we can get this out as soon as possible.

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