Alpha Launch of The ClassicPress Directory

We are thrilled to announce the alpha release of the official ClassicPress Directory!

The new Directory makes it easy to search and find plugins developed for ClassicPress from all your favorite and upcoming developers – right in one easy-to-use interface. This is a a major milestone for the ClassicPress project and community and is the first iteration of what the Directory will become in the future.

If you are developing a plugin for ClassicPress, or know of a plugin developed for ClassicPress, please feel free to submit it via our submission form.

We also encourage feedback from the community; what works, what doesn’t, and how we can make it better.

Planned Features

Our currently planned future features are:

  • ’Works With’ Plugins - a directory of plugins that have been verified by the community to Work With ClassicPress, but aren’t built specifically for ClassicPress.

  • Developer Login - so developers can login and update their plugins, this will likely be via your forum login.

  • Longer Descriptions & Image Upload Support - to help developers explain and showcase their plugins.

  • Theme Support - As you may notice, currently in the alpha we only support plugins. With the addition of Image Uploads we plan to also support Themes!

  • Additional Git Support - so developers can use the Git provider of their choosing and we can assist in plugin management by pulling updated release tags.

Please keep in mind, this is an alpha release and may have bugs, and we will be tweaking and updating things without notice on an ongoing basis.


I think this is brilliant Wade. It’s a huge boost to CP and you’ve done a great job. It already seems very stable and usable.


Good news that there has been progress on the directory.

All of my plugins are developed for ClassicPress, but all are currently integrated with CodePotent’s plugin manager. How would this be managed in regards the directory?


I realise this question is for a period ahead of now, just the thought occurred.

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I know there has been discussions about using the @Code_Potent’s plugin manager under the hood, we haven’t finalized any plans yet though and when we do approach that we will loop in plugin devs so we can make sure any plans make sense from their perspective too!

For now, I believe all your plugins have been listed:

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No, I have 37 ClassicPress plugins, not 11.

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My bad, I used the existing list :slight_smile:

You are welcome to submit them and I will get them approved and live :slight_smile:

I think clarification on the meanings of “Developed for CP” and “Works with CP” might help.

Developed for CP

Refers to any plugin that has been developed specifically to work with CP (and is not listed on the WP repo).

Works with CP

Refers to any plugin that, as the name suggests, works with CP but which is also listed on the WP repo. Such plugins can’t be considered to be developed specifically for CP.

So, in your case Ian, you have 11 plugins on GitHub developed specifically for CP and the rest are listed on the WP repo and therefore classified as “Works with CP”.

The latter category has yet to be populated on the new directory.

Hope that helps.

I have 37 plugins developed for ClassicPress.

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@wadestriebel well done, this is amazing, and pretty usable as is, good job!!! The theme support would be awesome too.

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@wadestriebel Very good! Well done, and an excellent start - you’ve put a lot of work into this.

A couple of recommendations - not criticisms, for people who are coming to ClassicPress. Ultimately this is for new users to CP:

  1. Color code categories (or at least have categories). For example, red for security plugins, yellow for productivity, blue for content etc. or whatever. Maybe color the heading backgrounds. Right now its a gigantic list of plugins without any differentiation - how would anyone know what they do?

  2. Have a Drop Down menu at the top for these categories, and another Drop Down for individual developers. Maybe I want plugins CodePotent does, or maybe ones just Azure does…

But a great start man! This was much needed. I leave it with the community to adopt or decide. :wink:


We definitely want categories, but I think that is something we leave to the developers to choose, so will only be after we get them access to update their plugins :slight_smile:

Developers themselves have their own profile with all of their plugins (and themes when we launch those)!

Using the two you mentioned as examples; Code Potent, and Azurecurve :slight_smile:

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As mentioned, you are welcome to submit them - let me know if an import may be easier. I can send you a csv example that you can fill in :slight_smile:

This is a fantastic move in the right direction. Look forward to using this.

I would also agree with Web242, about categories or colour coding. I know this is only the alpha version, but I think it would be easier to implement this at an early stage before it gets too populated.

Look forward to future updates

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A great start, well done.

The submit form shows “http://” on the repo and download URL fields - shouldn’t that be “https://” ?

EDIT: And on the developer website field.

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I have opened an issue for that, should be fixed in the next deploy :slight_smile:

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This is awesome news! :metal:

I’ll get one of my plugins ready and upload it to the directory.

EDIT: How do I create an account? I can’t login and I get no forgotten password email.

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Great! Awesome job!
It’s not already on GitHub?

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There’s no account, yet - this is coming soon and will be via your forum login :slightly_smiling_face:

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