[BETA] Fork of Elementor with ClassicPress support

The real work is in keeping up with this afterwards. For example Elementor has made almost 2,400 commits since version 2.7.6 was released.

Needless to say I’ll need some help from the community in maintaining this.


Probably should update 159 to point to this thread: Plugins Confirmed Working on ClassicPress v1


Those were my first thoughts when I saw the announcement.


Could be moved to the ClassicPress Research repo?


This was my aim also.

Hopefully a stable platform to run on.

I don’t need the new features, so would be happy with a fairly static fork that includes security patches.

Bug fixes would be a nice to have.

Someone else may want to build upon that (in another fork?) and include (overlay) some of the newer features, albeit they may need re-writing.

I can’t promise anything, but will try to look at tidying up a few things.


Posted there and messaged here:


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Moved: https://github.com/ClassicPress-research/classic-elementor

The same as before, anyone is welcome to submit issues and PRs, but this makes it a bit clearer that this plugin is meant for the ClassicPress community to use and maintain.


It might be best to remove “Elementor” from the name, and eventually from the code. That’s the only legal issue with forking plugins. Otherwise you’ll be in this situation:

With $15mil they have more money to spend with lawyers now :unamused:


The implications here are not limited to just the name. I’d assume Elementor would take issues to the forked version having to access their server to retrieve the pre-designed pages and sections (templates)!


That’s true too. I wonder how licensing applies in situation like this.

Those templates might eventually stop working if they begin using new features forked plugin doesn’t have.


I’m going to make an assumption that the free templates form an integral part of the free version and therefor are released under the terms of the GPL. The pro versions however are not since the pro addon is not GPL.

I’m looking at doing a bulk import of the free versions and maintaining them on either my server or in a repo on GitHub. If I’m going to host them on my server then I’ll need to figure out how to setup the REST API endpoints to serve them from - fun times ahead :slight_smile:


Something like the endpoints @anon71687268 created for his Update Manager?

Yes something similar but would like to hook it to the builder’s own CPT instead of creating a new one.

Trying to figure out how Elementor have set their up to return the info.json and then serve the templates remotely.

GitHub might work if there’s an Action to automate the info.json - I have a rough proof of concept addon and to figure out the info automation part. The good thing with the self hosted CP already provides the API.

“When using the Elementor and Elementor Pro software, you receive all rights granted under the GPL.”.


Been over a year since a last touched the pro addon - didn’t realize they made it GPL compatible.

That makes things even more interesting :slight_smile:


If you build something on top of GPL software, it’s also GPL, by default, save for any trademarks, copyrighted texts, or proprietary images. There is no choice in the matter other than “do we make this available to the public or not.”


Totally agree with this. But for a long time after launching the pro addon they were adamant that it’s not under the terms of the GPL - it seems as though they had a change of heart or were convinced to.

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Yes, lots of developers have tried (over the decades) to protect their paid work by passing misinformation about the GPL…or simply refusing to know the facts. It seems Elementor finally saw the light, one way or another.


A quick update, I have been testing this further, without any issues. Has anyone else tried it?