Plugins built specifically for ClassicPress

This list is no longer being maintained – instead, head on over to the official ClassicPress Directory to find plugins!

ClassicPress Plugins

  1. Add Open Graph Tags by @azurecurve
    Add Open Graph Tags to attach rich photos to social media posts to Facebook or LinkedIn, helping to drive traffic to your website.

  2. Add Twitter Cards by @azurecurve
    Add Twitter Cards to attach rich photos to Tweets, helping to drive traffic to your website.
    Options allow Card Types of Summary or Summary With Images, Excerpt or first 200 characters of post added to card, Thumbnail or first post image will be added to card and integratation with Floating Featu…

  3. Admin Colors by @klein
    CP Admin Colors adds several new color scheme options to your user profiles in ClassicPress. A nice way to give your dashboard a bit of ClassicPress-inspired style.

  4. Avatars by @azurecurve
    Allows users to upload their own avatar. Admin setting allows only use of local avatars; prevents use of Gravatars; if user doesn’t upload their own avatar, a local default is used instead.

  5. BBCode by @azurecurve
    Allows users to use standard bbcodes in posts and pages in place of HTML tags.

  6. Brut Force Login Protection by Fresh Media
    Protects your ClassicPress website against brute force login attacks using .htaccess with options to manually block and unblock an IP and receive email when an IP is blocked. Can whitelist your own IP’s. Utilises the ClassicPress Security page for settings, displaying a shield icon in plugin list.

  7. Call-out Boxes by @azurecurve
    Place configurable call-out box in posts, pages or other post types. Integrates with our Icons plugin for call-out box icons; a default call-out box format can be set via the Settings page, but parameters allow for shortcode customisation.

  8. Carbon Copy by @Code_Potent
    Carbon Copy is a plugin that allows you to duplicate any post, page, or custom post type item with a single click. The plugin also duplicates any relevant taxonomy terms and metadata. It’s called a must-have by many.

  9. Code by @azurecurve
    Set of shortcodes which can be used for manual syntax highlighting of code.

  10. Comment Validator by @azurecurve
    Checks comment to ensure they are longer than the minimum, shorter than the maximum and also allows comments to be forced into moderation based on length. Can also prevent unregistered users leaving comment under username of registered user.This plugin is multisite compatible; each site can be…

  11. Conditional Links by @azurecurve
    Conditional links allows shortcodes to be created which will automatically link when a page or blog post exists with the same slug or title. If the conditionally linked page or post exists, the text will be wrapped in anchor tags otherwise plain text will be returned.

  12. ClassicPress Compatibility by @Simone
    Marks plugins not compatible with WP version 4.9. Adds a menu that displays top 200 plugins from and their compatibility. Fixes some compatibility issues with Classicpress: at the moment: wp-cli core check-update, SEO by Rank Math.

  13. ZP Dashboard Note by @zigpress
    Gives you a simple editable panel on the admin dashboard, where you can leave notes for yourself and fellow admins.

  14. Disable Any Comment by @Simone
    Allows administrators to globally disable comments on their site and (optionally) delete those already posted. Note: this plugin duplicates functionality that already exists in ClassicPress.

  15. ZP Disable Users by @zigpress
    Allow administrators to disable user accounts, preventing users from logging in and logging them out if they are already logged in.

  16. Display After Post Content by @azurecurve
    Allows insertion of content configured through admin panel to be displayed after the post content; supports HTML format and works with shortcodes including Contact Form 7 and is multisite compatible.

  17. Enriched Editor by @Code_Potent
    The Enriched Editor plugin extends the built-in ClassicPress editor with many WYSIWYG options including rich formatting, lists, tables, and much more. The #1 editor for ClassicPress!

  18. Estimated Read Time by @Code_Potent
    Estimated Read Time is a plugin that displays the expected reading times on your articles and summaries. Average reading speed is 200 words per minute. You can change this value to suit your own audience with a simple filter.

  19. Filtered Categories by @azurecurve
    Creates a new Categories sidebar widget which allows categories to be included/excluded. A link to a categories page listing all categories can be configured to be displayed; a shortcode [fc] can be used on this page to display categories list.

  20. Flags by @azurecurve
    Allows a 16×16 flag to be displayed in a post of page using a [flag] shortcode. Format of shortcode is [flag=gb] to display the flag of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland; 247 flags are included. Definition of flags is found at Wikipedia page ISO 3166-1 alpha-2: the admin…

  21. Floating Featured Image by @azurecurve
    featured-image shortcode allows a floating featured image to be placed at the top of a post. Default settings can be entered to simplify the use of the plugin.

  22. ZP Honey Trap by @zigpress
    Invisibly reduces comment spam without using a CAPTCHA.

  23. Icons by @azurecurve
    Easily add an icon to a post or page using the [icon] shortcode. For example, to display the note icon, shortcode usage is [icon=note]; 1,000 icons from the famfamfam Silk collection are included. Definition of icons can be found at A settings page also shows all available icons.

  24. ZP Image Control by @zigpress
    This free ClassicPress plugin forked from the WordPress plugin “Imsanity” allows you to control the size of uploaded images, and to retrospectively process the media library to resize existing images.

  25. Images by @azurecurve
    image shortcode to display image in post; add width, caption or error attributes.

  26. Insult Generator by @azurecurve
    This plugin works by providing three shortcodes which can be positioned on a post, page or widget; two specify the types of insult adn teh third outputs the insult.

  27. Markdown by @azurecurve
    This plugin allows a [markdown]shortcode[/markdown] to be applied which will translate markdown into HTML markup for display.

  28. ZP Media Taxonomies by @zigpress
    Adds categories and tags to your media library, with bulk actions to make organisation easier.

  29. Mobile Detection by @azurecurve
    Mobile Detection provides shortcodes and functions to allow different content to be served to different types of device (Desktop, Tablet, Phone); also includes checks on types of device (iOS, iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone) and mobile browsers (Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera, WebKit).

  30. ZP Multiple Roles by @zigpress
    Allows administrators to allocate multiple roles to users. The capabilities of a user with more than one role will be a combination of all the capabilities of the roles they have.

  31. Multisite Favicon by @azurecurve
    Allows each site in a network to set a distinct favicon. Set a network path and favicon to be used if a favicon is not defined for a site. This plugin is intended for multisite ClassicPress installations, but will work and allow easy changing of the favicon of single ClassicPress blogs.

  32. Nearby by @azurecurve
    Creates a table of nearby locations (pages) based on GPS co-ordinates; integrates with Flags and Toggle Show/Hide, also by @azurecurve.

  33. Page Index by @azurecurve
    Shortcode which displays a simple tile based page index showing the child pages of the loaded page or of the supplied pageid or slug. This plugin is multisite compatible. To use simply place the [page-index] shortcode on a page or in a post. Tiled page index based on child pages of the page the…

  34. PHP Error Log Viewer by @Code_Potent
    Bring your PHP error log into your ClassicPress dashboard with beautiful style! Color-coding and filterable results make your error log a super quick skim – no more wall-of-text error messages!

  35. Post Archive by @azurecurve
    The Post Archive plugin is based on the Ozh Tweet Archive – a theme for WordPress. The tweet archive was extracted, enhanced and turned into this plugin which lets the posts archive to be displayed in a page or widget.

  36. Registration Honeypot by @Code_Potent
    Registration Honeypot adds a hidden input to the ClassicPress registration form that prevents most automated bots from creating spam accounts. Zero configuration – activate and forget about it.

  37. ZP Remove Customizer by @zigpress
    Free ClassicPress plugin that completely removes the customizer from an installation. There is no settings page, just activate and you’re done.

  38. ZP Remove Srcset by @zigpress
    Prevents srcset attributes being added to images.

  39. RSS Feed by @azurecurve
    Provides opposite rss feed to that configured in ClassicPress; e.g. if ClassicPress is configured for summary then an alternative feed called detail will be created, or if ClassicPress is configured for a detailed feed then an alternative feed called summary is created.

  40. RSS Suffix by @azurecurve
    Appends a suffix (such as a copyright notice or link back) to the RSS feed. This plugin is multi-site compatible; set a default at the network level which can be overridden for individual sites.

  41. Series Index by @azurecurve
    Displays Index of Series Posts using series-index shortcode. This plugin is multi-site compatible and integrates with the Toggle Show/Hide plugin from azurecurve. The shortcode can be used on posts and pages; the format of the index and other options are user configurable through an Admin page.

  42. Shortcodes in Comments by @azurecurve
    Enabled the use of shortcodes in comments; allowed shortcodes can be selected via the admin settings page.

  43. Shortcodes in Widgets by @azurecurve
    Allows shortcodes to be used in HTML widgets.

  44. Sidebar Login by @azurecurve
    Sidebar Login adds a useful login widget which can be used to login from in the sidebar of your ClassicPress powered blog; once a user logs in they are redirected back to the page they logged in from rather than the admin panel (this is configurable).

  45. Stats for Update manager by @Simone
    Discover how many sites are using your plugins! Companion plugin for Update Manager that keep track of active installations, display this count in the plugin modal and in a dedicated page.

  46. Tag Cloud by @azurecurve
    The plugin integrates with the standard ClassicPress tag cloud, but allows tags to be excluded and easy control of other settings such as min and max font sizes, the sort order and number of tags to include. This plugin is multisite compatible; each site can be set to use network settings or loca…

  47. Taxonomy Index by @azurecurve
    Displays index of Categories/Tags or other taxonomy types using taxonomy-index shortcode. Taxonomy can be set to category or tag or other taxonomy post type.

  48. Theme Switcher by @azurecurve
    Allows users to easily switch themes (ideal for allowing light/dark mode)
    Theme switcher functionality is made available to users via a widget; settings done via widget administration. Settings available to display available themes as a list or select drop-down; widget admin allows themes with…

  49. Timeless Text by @Code_Potent
    Timeless Text is a plugin that automatically updates date-sensitive texts. Texts such as “I have worked for x years in web dev” in a blog article or an about us page are outdated within a year – this plugin makes sure that never happens. Supports year, month, and day, as well as multiple, cumulative years.

  50. Timelines by @azurecurve
    Plugin creates custom post type of Timelines. Create multiple timelines and place on pages or posts using the timeline shortcode.

  51. To Twitter by @azurecurve
    Allows posts to be automatically tweeted when they are published.

  52. Update Manager by @Code_Potent
    Painlessly push updates to your ClassicPress plugin users! Serve updates from GitHub, your own site, or somewhere in the cloud. 100% integrated with the ClassicPress update process; super-slim and performant. Incredibly easy!

  53. URL Shortener by @azurecurve
    Generates a short url for all posts, pages and custom post types. Shortcode [short-url] or function azrcrv_urls_get_custom_shortlink can be called from themes or other plugins to retrieve the custom short url.

  54. Username Protection by @Code_Potent
    Username Protection is a plugin that removes anonymous access to usernames in ClassicPress to help mitigate brute-force attacks. For visitors who are not logged in, usernames are removed from the REST API, feeds, author pages, and prevented from exposure through other common vectors of discovery.

  55. Utility Plugin Boilerplate by @Code_Potent
    The Utility Plugin provides a safe space to hold custom code and allows you to activate and deactivate your code snips just like a plugin. Written in 4 different styles to speed your development.

  56. Vars by @Simone
    With Vars you can define name-value associations from the admin. Then, in your content you can insert [vars]name[/vars] and get value displayed. There is also an option to display shortcodes everywhere.

  57. ZP Widget Classes by @zigpress
    Allows individual widget instances to have custom CSS classes.

  58. Widget Conditions by @mathewcallaghan
    This plugin adds a visibility panel that lets you configure widgets to appear or be hidden only on certain pages.


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