Blog Post Discussion: Getting Involved with CP

@BlueSkyPhoenix I can start writing a post about Getting Involved with CP :slight_smile:

The community team has a list on ongoing projects, and I know Core uses Github. Do the other teams have dedicated places I can point to where people can find more information about projects on the go?


I think it would be a good idea for each team to create a similar list in a pinned post. I’ll do this for design & marketing, perhaps the other team leads could do the same in their respective categories?

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@Team-Leads is this something everyone can put together?

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In my experience about recruit volunteers we need to think:

  • Area where there is a lot of todo
  • tasks that we (as committee) can delegate
  • what we can do to simplify the onboarding
  • what we can do to improve the promotion of the project

Just few ideas after reading that list :slight_smile:


  • We are looking for reviewers for the various locales. If the actual promotion is not working means that Twitter is not the best tool for that. Example: in Italy is more used Facebook then twitter, I guess that is the same also in other countries


  • people that share feedback about the issue on contributing to the project as developer. In that way we can start to improve that like with tutorials/handbook.
  • help on (it is written everything in the ticket)
  • I think that James can do a list of tasks that can delegate to others
  • I started a doc about how to use the backport script and asked to Paolo (that made few pr) if want help


  • I am not sure if we want to open this area to new contributors because right now we are in a phase where the websites are migrated to a single network instance.
  • Involve more the people on slack on contributing instead only discuss, maybe do a survey about type of skills we have in the community and what we are lacking?


  • Things that you can do with ClassicPress and not with WordPress (for this one maybe is too soon)
  • What do you think about do AMA on Reddit or Discourse about the 1.0 release?
  • What do you think about a live video with committee members that reply to answers from the community?
    Just remember that this is a way to getting involved/contribute because we improve our engagement

Personally I think that the project need more active contributor especially on Core or everything will be for @james and as a community project this is not good.


Bump, this is worth revisiting, including the attached document about recruiting volunteers from @Mte90.

Thanks for your thoughts here - I hope we can keep volunteer recruiting moving even if this was one of the things that fell off the radar during the v1 launch!

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I was thinking today to do a bump about this thread.
I think that now after the release of the 1.0.0 everyone of the @Directors should check this thread and give more feedback.
There is also my other proposal for an article at

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I think the main thing is that, instead of just asking for more volunteers, we ask for volunteers to do x, or to do y. Then anyone interested doesn’t have to face the dilemma of wanting to help but not knowing how.


I like @Mte90’s document about recruiting volunteers and the blog post is a good start, but agree with Tim… most people are willing to help but they need to be specifically told what to do. I think that getting the community to be more engaged will also be helpful toward that end – enthusiastic community = willing volunteers.

What if we were to create a survey to find out where everyone’s areas of expertise lie? Then we could steer them to the appropriate teams?

I am a little concerned at the lack of engagement overall between Slack & the Forums (other than the same several people) and I think we’d need to actively encourage people to take the survey. Also, I think the survey should be offered as part of our onboarding process every time someone new joins the community. It doesn’t have to be a hard sell for volunteers; it could be: “Hey! Glad you’re here! Tell us a little bit about yourself and why you’re here.” I know our chatbot does that over in Slack but maybe if we structure it a little (and more importantly, capture the information in a way that it doesn’t get 10k’ed) then it will help us when we need to track down volunteers for upcoming projects.

I think that is part of the team lead role talk with people and understand how they can help and assign task. Add survey means other task to do for the team lead.
Every team also has different tasks based on the timeframe so it is not possible to plan them and more easy to manage by the teamlead.

So, this is something each team lead should do with each new person when they join the forums? Or is this something Community can do and hand off to the appropriate team lead for assignment?

Every team lead can do a list of tasks where needs help and delegate them, so can mentor people or create a group of people that help on mentoring.
Every team can organize with group calls or suggesting the tasks to do like sharing in the channel.
So the community team can help on sending people in the right channels and promote what the other teams are doing.


Well, I’d be for example happy to have some additional volunteers for “my” pet petition, ie. the Improved Media Library. Mainly for sorting and categorizing Things-To-Do first, but after that, for getting specific tasks started, eg. a more generic Media (Library) API, easier additional views (eg. the most-wanted file / directory system view), etc.

cu, w0lf.