Blog Post Discussion: Getting Involved with CP


@BlueSkyPhoenix I can start writing a post about Getting Involved with CP :slight_smile:

The community team has a list on ongoing projects, and I know Core uses Github. Do the other teams have dedicated places I can point to where people can find more information about projects on the go?

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I think it would be a good idea for each team to create a similar list in a pinned post. Iโ€™ll do this for design & marketing, perhaps the other team leads could do the same in their respective categories?


@Team-Leads is this something everyone can put together?


In my experience about recruit volunteers we need to think:

  • Area where there is a lot of todo
  • tasks that we (as committee) can delegate
  • what we can do to simplify the onboarding
  • what we can do to improve the promotion of the project

Just few ideas after reading that list :slight_smile:


  • We are looking for reviewers for the various locales. If the actual promotion is not working means that Twitter is not the best tool for that. Example: in Italy is more used Facebook then twitter, I guess that is the same also in other countries


  • people that share feedback about the issue on contributing to the project as developer. In that way we can start to improve that like with tutorials/handbook.
  • help on (it is written everything in the ticket)
  • I think that James can do a list of tasks that can delegate to others
  • I started a doc about how to use the backport script and asked to Paolo (that made few pr) if want help


  • I am not sure if we want to open this area to new contributors because right now we are in a phase where the websites are migrated to a single network instance.
  • Involve more the people on slack on contributing instead only discuss, maybe do a survey about type of skills we have in the community and what we are lacking?


  • Things that you can do with ClassicPress and not with WordPress (for this one maybe is too soon)
  • What do you think about do AMA on Reddit or Discourse about the 1.0 release?
  • What do you think about a live video with committee members that reply to answers from the community?
    Just remember that this is a way to getting involved/contribute because we improve our engagement

Personally I think that the project need more active contributor especially on Core or everything will be for @james and as a community project this is not good.