Call for ClassicPress professionals

I am putting together a section on my website where I can share ClassicPress resources. I wanted to list companies who offer ClassicPress related services like mine all over the world (I know it seems counterproductive because I offer CP servives too, but I think that instead it will be an added value since I do not offer all the services one can think of and I can direct my customers willing to purchase other kind of services to the right professionals).

If you are a hosting provider with a ClassicPress specific offer, or a developer that can do custom themes and plugins or even a professional who offers maintenance, support and bug fixes and you want to be included just comment under this post and I will add you to the relevant section. Inclusion in the resources area is FREE since I see it as a way to offer a better service to people who land on my site and give back to all the people who are in this amazing community.

Thank you all!

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I really do not market my brand much and tend to offer help and support here for CP, but can accept projects on a case basis for much of what you mention here. I say on a case basis because ESS is still more of a hobby and not my primary job or source of income, so I have to consider that when accepting projects (to be fair to the customer and myself).

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That is good. The ecosystem and economy around ClassicPress is growing and this means things start small. Starting small is not bad, it is IMHO the best way to start. I work per project myself too and evaluate every one with care so they way you are doing it seems very right to me.
Not to mention I remember when WP was very small and pretty much everyone worked like this. No big entrepreneurs with tons of employees existed at the time. The professionals were freelancers who dedicated time both to earning a living with other things and starting offering some services for WP (that was the new stuff) on the side. Only later WP only companies started to arise and grow really big (like some names we have now…).
Small to me means one can really focus on a customer, and deliver the best work to them.

BTW the site is still a big Work in Progress (slowly getting there) but the resources page is there :smiley: - you can find it here.

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I want to do it. I offer ClassicPress services, and I will set up a dedicated page on my website next week.

I’ve been reluctant at first, and this reluctance came from me wanting ClassicPress to succeed so badly, that I got frustrated with the slowness of development in the early days.

However, every WordPress update is pushing me away. It’s a complete mess, and every update so far that included a Gutenberg merge broke something. Last time was 2 weeks-ish ago, when they removed a class and ~400 websites broke. I had to add the code back myself, which is a workaround.

Before that, last year, they added an overly-generic CSS for images, which, again, broke my ~400 websites.

I don’t know how much longer I can take it. I just read that WordPress will update its React library to v19. I don’t want React. I don’t want any library or framework. I want vanilla JS. ClassicPress 2.1 made me happy.

I want to use ClassicPress for my next project(s) and I’m thinking of migrating 3 small (brochure) websites to ClassicPress. I’m in the process of deciding how to migrate the current design, which is using blocks. I like blocks, and it’s easy to get the junior developers to use them. I don’t want to use a page builder. Elementor is a horrible nightmare.

As soon as I find a feasible solution — a page builder — ClassicPress is 100% my go-to CMS. For now, I’ll keep using both.

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page builder wise I advice Beaver Builder.

As concerns the list, I am working with @EliteStarServices to create a site that has the list and a way for people to show the list on their site with a shortcode. It’s all early stages but we are doing progress.

We will keep the community posted about that, and professionals can register to the main site to publish their listing (that will show company name, what services they offer, a link to their site and logo basically).

I agree with you on the fact that WP is taking a direction that is not sustainable in the long run, I am with CP from 2018 and never looked back.

I am looking for something that does not lock me in. If I remove Beaver Builder, will the website break? I’d say so.

I’m still looking for the perfect one.

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the perfect one does not exist, when you remove a builder what happens is that sites will have some issues (depending on how the builder is coded and what HTML markup it generates).

If you need a way to build websites that is fast and easy you can use CSS frameworks that are based on components but these too if you remove the framework library will break (think bootstrap styling or tailwind, if you have a markup that is bootstrapped and you remove bootstrap dependency it wil break).

I understand the need to have a quick way to build pages to assign junior devs the work of preparing the various pages, and a builder seems fine for that. I do not understand why you think you need to remove the builder afterwards (if I can understand your needs I might be able to suggest a solution).

No, no, it’s okay. I can probably code my own.

The thing is, I don’t want to use Tailwind (which is the worst thing since Bootstrap), or any other CSS framework (same goes for JS). What I need is a page builder that does not lock you in (the block editor does not actually lock you in). I can easily lift the CSS stylesheet and the website stays the same.

What I am actually looking for is a way to build columns (really, that’s it) in the editor. I found a TinyMCE plugin that does that and it’s looking promising. Everything else can be done with custom, theme-specific, CSS classes.

I wish the new Tiny Cloud Editor had something similar to blocks.

Anyway, I can handle the design, and I’ll keep searching for the perfect builder :slight_smile:

For columns you can add your own classes to the theme and use them to style the columns (you basically just need a theme and a set of CSS you can use on every site that fits your needs).

Also the various plugins offering a way to generate columns in classic editor are good.

I do use Beaver Builder in certain sites of mines OR two plugins that work well together - shortcodes ultimate (free) and f(x) Builder (free) - on other sites. Both solutions allow me to manage columns.

To be noted that shortcodes ultimate has a columns shortcode that is pretty versatile but does not allow for very easy nesting, using f(x) + shortcodes ultimate allows to nest a columns shortcode inside a row with columns (so you can have a group of columns nested in a column).

I have also used Genesis Columns Advanced (for ClassicEditor) plugin

Another thing you can do, as you mentioned, is code your own columns shortcode. that would allow you to set your own design system in place with your own columns settings instead of relying on a plugin.

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While Genesis Columns looks good, there is a lot of margin for error when adding content inside the column shortcodes.

f(x) Builder looks nice (although it hasn’t been updated in 7 years) :slight_smile: but I can work with that.

The idea is to find a pretty/little/simple/lightweight page builder and adapt it to my needs.

I might even release it as a plugin for CP. I still need to publish my first plugin for ClassicPress!

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f(x) Builder looks really, really good. The only problem is that the columns are using floats:

.fxb-col {
    float: left;
    width: 100%;

I’m going to dig deeper into this plugin and see if I can switch all CSS classes to either FlexCSS or CSS Grid.

…starts rubbing hands in anticipation…


If you release a plugin derived from it I will gladly test it and use it instead of f(x) - I noticed it used floats but was too busy developing other things to dig inside.

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I have added the first feature, inspired by the block editor :wink: - column width, which can be default, wide or full-width.

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I’m available as someone who offers ClassicPress design, development, and maintenance services.
My [outdated and largely neglected] website:


Thanks @raygulick! As soon as the ClassicPress Support Network is ready and accepting listings @EliteStarServices and me will post under this thread.

It means a lot that people are willing to be listed and open to this idea, I think at the point we are now (we have a very stable CMS that is slowly forging its way and improving everyday) we can really benefit from such a showcase.

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I have now changed all legacy CSS to Flex CSS, and also added a gap option, to replace the margin/padding combination.


Happy to say we are in the Public Alpha stage! Read the Announcement here.

Whoever is willing to list their services can do so by registering to CP-web website.

Thanks to @EliteStarServices for all the help and expert advice!


I have registered!