Can I force migrate?

Because of self-updating, I’m at 5.9.x.

The 4.x era was great for me and some of my plugins will work fine. I am so happy to see that CP is already a thing, because I was ready to learn programming so I could do it.

I cannot get the button, the migration plugin dislikes some entries made in core files even when all plugins are disabled and some other things that aren’t going to be an issue for me.

Is there a god mode to just force it to try? The site I want to convert the most, because I can use a better photo plugin, was started on 2004 and has hundreds/thousands of photos.

I can make a zip backup of the files and a backup of the db. I just don’t want to have to make the whole thing again from scratch.

Can I replace core files manually like I do with Zenphoto?

Any help appreciated.

Hi, welcome to ClassicPress community. Yes, there is a way to bypass checks and force a migration. Please make sure you have a backup before doing anything, so you can recover quickly as things may break.

Add the following snippet to your current theme’s functions.php file:

add_filter( 'classicpress_ignore_wp_version', '__return_true' );

Save, then go back to migration plugin and begin migration.

You can find more info on this here:

Hope that helps.

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Thank you! I just found this project today and should have read everything.

It worked! Thank you from bringing back the Wordpress I loved!

I did try to activate the plugins that the migrator said would not work (Contact Form 7, Flamingo, Redirection, the current version of NextGen Gallery), and they really do not, got a white screen. But I moved them out manually and we’re up!

Old OSS version of NextGen called Nextcellent works so far, even on my PHP 7.4.28.


You’re welcome. Glad migration worked.

You can check out Redirect plugin in the directory to replace Redirection. See if that fits your needs:

If you need a simple form plugin, check out:

Thank you, on my way to grab them.

This day started out so lousy, the widget pane was blank on my Wordpress installs and troubleshooting was driving me nuts! I looked for a fork about found CP.

I’ll be switching several sites today, thank you.


Everyone here probably already knows this, but some plugins that won’ t install from the WP Plugin store will work if manually installed.

Redirection is one of those, and that was helpful because my entries are recognised. This is the very latest version that has warnings about not working on this version. Also tried a version from a backup from 2014, before they made a major coding switch. 3.x also works, but because I had migrated while on WP it had no entries.

Contact Form 7 is definitely not one of the ones that works. Still looking for one, no big hurry, that allows me to add a challenge to enable the post button. CF7 let me use a math problem for that with problem|answer.

If there is a place where you are posting plugins that work, I’ll contribute my list.

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Ao tentar migrar para o ClassicPress, também recebi o aviso. Abri o gerenciador de arquivos do painel do meu provedor e excluí tudo, menos o banco de dados e o wpconfig. Salvei as credenciais do banco de dados e carreguei o zip ClassicPress, descompactei-o e prossiga com a instalação inserindo as credenciais do banco de dados. 5 minutos meu site estava de volta! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

This is an old wiki thread you can add or update compatible plugins:

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