Classic Press for Bloggers

So has finally done it, Folks hosted on are now forced to use only the Block Editor. Bloggers I know find the Classic Block and other ‘improvements’ clumsy to use. While CP is billing itself as ‘for business’, I wonder if pushing it also as an alternative for Bloggers who are just worried about words and pictures not complex page layout (BLOCKS) might be a good idea. What would it take to make CP 'the friendly blog alternative?


From a usability point of view, it basically already is that blog atlernative.

If ClassicPress is going to target that market, then it probably needs an easy to use hosting platform of it’s own and a migration utility to help users migrate a blog over.


ClassicPress has traditionally been “business-focused” but we are beginning to shift focus onto “creators” see Marketing Meeting Transcript: July 28, 2020), which covers most types of users. But simply put, as @azurecurve says, ClassicPress is already a Gutenberg-free alternative to WordPress, however you use it.

As far as is concerned, I don’t think that’s an area we can even hope to compete with. We can target bloggers for sure but setting up our own, although a great idea, isn’t quite doable just yet.

If we get a load more donations coming in, then maybe :wink:, but I think the best alternative for now is to use either Softaculous or Installatron to install and manage your CP installation.


There is room for debate on whether or not this would actually be a good idea for us to do ourselves. Many of the problems in the WP ecosystem come from the inherent conflict of interest between (a free, open-source software product) and (a hosting / website creation business), and their consistent failure to manage these conflicts appropriately.

On the other hand, ClassicPress-focused hosting is still a pretty small space with (in my opinion at least) plenty of room for new entrants apart from the ClassicPress project itself.

Here is the latest proposed tagline that I’ve seen - I think it fits our actual audience and our potential target audience(s) much better:

ClassicPress: the CMS for Creators. Stable. Secure. Instantly familiar.


And added to that, I’ve lost count of the times I’ve had to try and explain to users how is different even though the name is the same. They should never have picked the same domain with 2 different extensions for what are 2 completely different offerings.