Classicpress 1.0.2 via composer

I am using Classicpress 1.0.1 which I installed with Composer.

I ran composer update expecting to see Classicpress 1.0.2 but that version is not yet available.

Will it become available via composer from classicpress/classicpress or do I need to install manually?

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All versions of ClassicPress including 1.0.2 are automatically made available via composer once we release them:

My guess is you have "classicpress/classicpress": "1.0.1" in your composer.json file. composer update will only update dependencies within the version range specified in your composer.json, it will not change the version ranges itself.

You can change that to "classicpress/classicpress": "^1.0.0" and run composer update again. This should pull in 1.0.2 and any future 1.x versions as we release them.

Or, if you don’t want to start using a version range, you can always run composer outdated to know if there is a new version available, then in this case composer require classicpress/classicpress:1.0.2 will get you the new version and update your composer.json accordingly.


Thanks for the reply. I removed the ClassicPress line from composer.json, updated, and then tried again.

All good now.


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