ClassicPress 1.2.0-rc1 Release Notes

This is no longer the latest release of ClassicPress!
You can find the latest release at the top of the Release Notes subforum.

We’re happy to announce the first release candidate for ClassicPress 1.2.0. This release adds full support for PHP 7.4 in all known core code, our first new feature that started as an organic idea from our own community, and a lot of smaller bugfixes and polishing. We’re happy with these changes so far but they need more testing by the community before a full release including automatic updates.

We encourage you to try out this release candidate by pasting the zipfile URL into the “Advanced” section of the migration plugin, and letting us know if you see any issues. See instructions and links below, under the “Download this releaseExisting ClassicPress sites” section.

New features since 1.1.4

A new setting to allow specifying a custom image on the login screen, based on a community petition. This is our second try at implementing this feature. More details including screenshots are available on the main GitHub PR (#601). Thanks to @omukiguy for helping to code this feature.

Full support for PHP 7.4 at least when running ClassicPress itself. Plugins and themes may still need updating for full PHP 7.4 compatibility with no notices or warnings, and there may still be some cases where ClassicPress can work together better with plugins or themes in order to ensure compatibility. Here is one example of non-standard theme code causing a notice that will be fixed in a future ClassicPress release. Thanks to @MattyRob for helping to backport some of these changes (see #541 and #603).

Minor changes and fixes since 1.1.4

  • Update wording that links to privacy policy (#615)
  • Fix a backward compatibility issue with the new set_screen_option_{$option} filter (#589, thanks @MattyRob and WP contributors)
  • Fix PHP notice and unexpected behavior when editing a post with an invalid author (#572, thanks @MattyRob)
  • Prevent update notices from the default Twenty Fifteen, Sixteen, Seventeen themes for new sites (#559, thanks @1stepforward for reviewing)
  • Improve compatibility with more MySQL server configurations (#558)
  • Guard against duplicate MIME-Version header in outgoing emails (#528, thanks @MattyRob and WP contributors)
  • Fix the return value of the classicpress_version_short() function for some build types (#511)
  • Fix the admin bar logo position with the Twenty Twenty theme (#533)
  • Use robots meta tag to better discourage search engines (#535, thanks @MattyRob and WP contributors)
  • Remove angle brackets from password reset URL in email to avoid broken links (#536, thanks @MattyRob and WP contributors)
  • Add rel="noopener noreferrer" to plugins screen links (#532, thanks @omukiguy)
  • Improve readability of the About page in the dashboard (#512, #513, thanks @williampatton and @omukiguy for reviewing)
  • Add unique classes to the user profile editing page <h2> tags to facilitate styling (#448, thanks @Code_Potent)

Development improvements and fixes since 1.1.4

  • Decrease the number of npm dependencies required to build ClassicPress by about 40% (#606, #607, #608). There is still more to do but these changes have already made the process of preparing builds and releases much faster!
  • Improve PHPUnit testing documentation (#563, #566, thanks @omukiguy for reviewing)
  • Prepare the translation extraction script for our new translation system (#547)
  • Keep all build dependencies up to date (multiple PRs, thanks renovate-bot)
  • Several changes and fixes to the script we use to backport changes from WordPress (#540, #548, #549, #554, #585)

Download this release

New sites Download (9.9 MB)
and follow the installation instructions.
Existing WordPress sites Download the migration plugin and follow the migration instructions.
Existing ClassicPress sites Use the “Advanced” section of the migration plugin to switch to the release build (same link as for “New sites” above). This version will be available using the built-in update mechanism when it is released as 1.2.0 final.

Full changelog

The full changelog is available on GitHub.


@james - I just updated my first site. That went smoothly.

But the first thing I tried was to add my custom logo image. The two lower radio buttons are greyed out and unselectable for me.


EDIT: My source code says it is disabled.

			<input name="login_custom_image_state" type="radio" value="1"  disabled='disabled' />
			Use my custom image as a <strong>logo</strong>		</label>
		<br />
			<input name="login_custom_image_state" type="radio" value="2"  disabled='disabled' />
			Use my custom image as a <strong>banner</strong>		</label>

EDIT 2: Just did another site and got same issue.
EDIT 3. Same result with all plugins deactivated and 2019 theme.
EDIT 4: Ignore all above :unamused:


I’ve faced the same problem. Radio button are disabled until you select the image.


Hah. I just discovered that too.


6 sites updated and switched to PHP 7.4.9… everything fine!


The reason for this is because it doesn’t make sense to select “use my custom image” when you haven’t chosen an image yet.

Still, the fact that you found this confusing means it’s probably not done in the most intuitive way. Here would be another way to do this - when you click the “use my custom image” buttons without an image set, show a message:

Is this better? Open to other suggestions also.

Edit - I made this change in a GitHub PR. You can try out the new behavior by installing this build using the migration plugin:

I don’t think we need to do an official rc2 release just for this change, but please do try the new build and let me know what you think!


Yes, that’s much better. It now works logically in either order (choosing radio button first or choosing image first), so I think the message should just say “Choose an image” or “Please choose an image”.

If you don’t choose an image and save the page then it reverts back to the CP option.

I guess the doc page hasn’t been written yet?

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One other suggestion. Could we have a little more space between the the top text and the first option? Like this…

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I meant “Choose an image first” as in “before this setting can take effect”, but “Please choose an image!” is fine too.

Not yet, anyone is welcome to submit this as a PR adding a new file to Same with the new link for the privacy policy (#615). Otherwise I will get to it before the final release.

Could we have a little more space between the the top text and the first option?

Sure, I can add a few pixels, but I want to keep it clear that this is all part of the same setting and consistent with the rest of the design. Somewhere between 3-6px looks ok to me.


I was trying to remember how to contribute to docs. Found this…

I do recall trying this and it was really easy. Can you create a dummy page for these docs and then it might be easier to add to them, rather than have to put in a PR to create one from scratch.




Well, I made a start. I couldn’t work out how to add images (do we need images?).


I like images, especially if the content is long ish. The only exception if it’s boring legal stuff where no amount of images could make it interesting.

Images add a bit of “stickiness” and break the text up into readable chunks.


Yes, we should have screenshots of this feature in each of its modes (initially / not enabled, logo mode, banner mode).

Including images in the docs site is possible but that process needs some improvement. For now, you can just leave a placeholder like (image of mode X goes here) in your Markdown file, and we can attach the corresponding images to a comment on the PR (I have most of the screenshots we will need, if you want to just make the initial PR then I can attach them there). I will sort out the inclusion of the images from there.


OK, I’ve made the changes discussed above to the custom login image feature (update notice message, added some padding, and one other small improvement that’s described in the code comments). Another informal build is available for testing here:

Another specific area that’s good to test in this release is the media library JavaScript code and any functionality related to media in the admin dashboard. Some examples: uploading media, managing/editing media files, embedding media/video previews in the editor. This is due to the build process changes related to that code.

Other than that, and the two documentation pages, I’m not aware of anything else that needs to be done before the 1.2.0 release. Anyone got anything else?


OK - leave it with me and I’ll add some more text.

Can you confirm the mechanism for sizing. Looks like banner sets max-width: 320px; max-height: 240px;
and logo makes it max-width: 100px; max-height: 100px;

Just testing the new version - looks good and works well.

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I don’t have a multisite to try it on. Did you try it on a site that is installed in a subfolder?

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I’ve tried this on a half a dozen sites and no problems that I can see. I have revised the custom image doc with markers for 5 images to be added.

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Yep this is correct. You might mention something like “logo mode works best for square images, banner mode works best for images that are wider than they are tall, we recommend a ratio close to 2x1 or 3x1 for banners”

There’s nothing in there that would break if this is installed in a subfolder, and I’ve tried it there. There are automated tests working for multisite and it should be working well for each individual site in the multisite, but actually going through the flow there would be a good idea too.


Hi all and thanks for a fantastic and better version of WP!
I just got one question since running a RC version on a production site is usually not recommended.

When will 1.2 be released? Is there a roadmap? Are we talking days, weeks or months from now?