ClassicPress and WordPress

Well, I also often use WordPress, and I try to make the plugins I develop functional for both ClassicPress and WordPress. The only thing I refuse to do (and it’s a psychological refusal) is to get involved in developing plugins that involve blocks. However, I’m well aware that the more WordPress immerses itself in that system, the harder it will be to avoid using them. At that point, the choice will be to let WordPress follow its own path. I don’t want to make plugin and theme development a tedious and frustrating task.

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When the fork happened, I installed a local ClassicPress. I check it out during some time. After a while I decided not to jump in.

My line of though was “What will happen I plugin authors start enforcing the use of WP 5? Or later WP 6?” This really happened… I did not wanted to be alone in this fight.

So I stayed for WP. Up to now, I have managed the storm and I DON’T USE THE BLOCK EDITOR or
e FSE. Every time I have the opportunity of speaking against the Block Editor, I do.

Note that the Classic Editor plugin in the MOST POPULAR one with more than 5 M installs. I normally install Disable Gutenberg for a start (700k installs).

Now, CP is planning a re-fork to keep the connection alive. What else?

They (WP) are not democratic, AT ALL, but what can we do ?

So, let me make sure I understand. Have you decided to give up on using ClassicPress and simply disable the block editor and FSE? The fact that the Classic Editor Plugin is the most popular plugin, yet WordPress has reduced it to a plugin instead of allowing users to choose whether to use blocks or not, shows how little they consider the sentiments of the community.

You know, in general, I appreciate the editors of Substack and Medium, and I would like to see them implemented in WordPress, at least as plugins. However, the block system itself is detestable, especially the way it has been imposed and the lack of choice. Particularly because it has undermined the metabox system in favor of a cryptically commercial system. Furthermore, for developers, it has become more complicated today to create plugins and themes that don’t incorporate blocks and require additional development skills, like knowledge of React, Facebook’s JavaScript library (which I detest).

In my own themes, I had to add at least a minimum level of compatibility. That’s why I embraced the ClassicPress cause. It’s a clean, genuine project that maintains the philosophy and form of the original WP project. For this reason, it deserves trust and support. All my sites are implemented with ClassicPress. I don’t have WordPress anymore, not for the past two years.

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Me thinks what he meant was that he uses CP and develops his own themes/plugins but since he doesn’t follow all the coding standards and cleaning up and maintain them is too much work he won’t submit them in the directory, preferring to be just a user.

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@ ElisabettaCarrara
I think iljester was referring to the post made by caban13.

You are mostly correct in your statement about the stuff I code for myself, but it is not so much cleaning them up so they adhere to standards in the way you are thinking (the code is not insecure or dirty per say, I have been coding for over 35 years and use various tools available to check my code).

However, as an example, my theme does things plugins should do, but I am not changing that so I can submit to an official channel, that is a feature I want, so if it excludes me from being accepted, then why would I even submit it? That is what I mean by not having any desire to create a version I can submit, then needing to provide support even though I do not actually use that version since I had to remove features I use to get it accepted.

I should also clarify that does not make me just a user, at WP I test beta versions and have submitted stuff to trac when I find bugs, I just do not submit my themes or plugins there. I do the same here and that does not mean I would have no intention of submitting something here, though it is true if a certain number of hoops are set in front of me, I will not even try to do the trick.


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