ClassicPress Anniversary

So it’s been just over a year since I dived in and started using ClassicPress.

I’m using it mainly for headless CMS duties, with the content being consumed by Gatsby via GraphQL.

I’ve had a really smooth ride so far and I’m wondering how others are getting on.

What does the future of ClassicPress hold?


Happy Anniversary-ish :tada:

We are glad to hear everything has been smooth so far :slightly_smiling_face:


Smooth sailing for me so far too. I’m personally very keen on seeing the Classic Commerce project progress as I’m using this on quite a few sites already. As to what the future holds? Things seem to have gone very quiet for obvious reasons, but I’m hoping once life returns to normal we will start seeing some regular progress again. I’m actually not that interested in developments in ClassicPress itself, as it’s working perfectly for me as is (and my motto has always been “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”). But I would like to see Classic Commerce get to beta release.


I totally agree. WordPress was changing too quickly, ClassicPress is like a breath of fresh air. Perfect for headless too. I’m more wondering about the future of the project in terms of longevity and sustainability. I really hope it continues and that more people get on board.


Agree with you guys. It’s working great for my purposes. I’m running a traditional site for my primary domain and a headless site to manage updates for my plugin/theme users. Both are performing very well. I’ve written a lot of plugins for internal use and it has been quite nice to not have a dozen updates per week. And the extra performance? Well, that’s just gravy.


It’s 18 months and a few days since I installed the Sunrise Alpha on localhost the day after it was released. Now I have 60+ sites using CP.

It’s been a joy to work with CP compared to the remaining WP client sites I have, both in terms of coding and being part of this community.

Things I’m eagerly awaiting:

  1. Stable release of Classic SEO (please please!)
  2. Stable release of Classic Commerce
  3. More people using my CP plugins :wink:

I have all of my sites now running on ClassicPress (one is headless for plugin updates) an running very well.

I haven’t had to waste lots of time reworking several sites to continue working on WordPress; the testing I did when Gutenberg first came out didn’t go well, with constant fighting with the editor to get my posts to display anywhere near correctly.

Instead I got to spend time working on content and developing my plugins.


I was initially going to reply in New ClassicPress plugin: ZP Image Control but this seems more appropriate now.

Yes, the ecosystem is crucial and I think it’s great to see so many plugins being created. Personally I think we need more themes too. I know this may seem counter-intuitive to some, but I believe a “Divi-lite” sort of theme would be of benefit too. Any takers? :slight_smile:

What I would like to see more than anything is a bigger push to get people using CP.

There are many people still unaware of CP but I think we can all help with this. I think we can all use our own contacts (even competitors) to get the word out there. Let people know that you’re no longer developing sites in WP but you’re using CP instead. Mention it in tweets, posts, blogs, anywhere. Possibly even put a “Built with ClassicPress” comment in the footer.

I’d also like to see a showcase area on the main CP website.

Me too :slight_smile:

Obviously, this is a really bad time for everyone right now but things have stalled more than I would have liked. Briefly:

  1. Classic SEO is pretty stable already. I have been working on some minor improvements recently and I do hope to release an RC very soon.
  2. Again, CC is pretty stable but there are a few issues yet to be addressed. I need to catch up with James on this which I will endeavour to do.

As for CP core, I also agree that it suits most of my needs already. There are some improvements that would be nice but these are already covered in the petitions.


Hi Tim. Nice to hear from you.

All my sites have this. :+1:

Not trying to put any pressure on you. :smile: I realise you must be snowed under. And I can confirm that CC is very stable for me - it’s working very happily on 5 or 6 sites. The main issue is I’d like to start contacting plugin developers (starting with a Stripe plugin I use). I don’t feel we can do this till we at least have a beta version so they can see we are serious.


Yep, doing that regularly on FB, LI and Twitter, and a few blog posts.

Good stuff. I’d particularly appreciate a fix for the ACF issue on Github but I know that’s a little further down the line, and I do understand that people’s lives are a bit upside down at the moment.


And nice to hear from you too. Hope all is well down under.

I agree we do need to push on with this. I’m hoping we’ll be able to start moving again soon.

OK, I’ve just bumped this forward to Beta 4 which I am currently working on. Should be moving onto RC1 after B4.


Nice one, thank you!