ClassicPress Docker Image


my name is Marek. I found a ClassicPress on AlternativeTo portal, as I was looking for an alternative to WordPress. CP is what I was looking for :slight_smile: The only thing missing was no Docker Image available. So I spend couple of days preparing an image on my own.
It’s based on php:7.4-apache-bullseye Docker image. I have bundled all php extensions needed. Also apache-mod-security2 + OWASP CRS is on board.
Feel free to test it.

Docker Hub: Docker Hub
GitHub repo:



After few more days of work, a few more iterations, and tweaks, tag cp1.3.1-rev3 is working pretty fine :slight_smile:

I have added docker-secrets support, and X-FORWARDED-PROTO header to wp-config template.

I have moved all 4 WordPress 5.x instances, that I had under my control, that so far was handled by WordOps. ClassicPress is working fantastic, and I couldn’t ask more. Thank you for your work CP Team!