ClassicPress does not support all languages of WP

I only get eleven choices, apart from AU which I was using before migration.

I thought you meant by removing whatever that file is you referred to, meant you would then see all languages.

But I don’t see any such file.

If I wanted to change to a language that is not listed I couldn’t.

You are not fitting the user case with the issue because you migrated and not installed or changed the language after the migration.

I will improve the thread text.

Yes because right now we are not supporting all the language of WordPress, we are starting as project and is better to focus on the more used and when we find new Reviers for any locale we add the avalaibility also for new ones.

@Graham You can use this plugin that will add the other locales that aren’t officialy supported yet.

Thanks. I did know about that, and have no need for another language.

I thought the post meant the problem had been fixed. Guess not.

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@Graham you seem to be talking about a different “problem” which is not actually a problem.

If you want to volunteer to translate and maintain 20 or 30 different languages yourself then maybe we can support all of the languages of WordPress.

Otherwise, that would mean that we have the few languages that we can support at 100% translation coverage, and all the rest at around 95%, with random strings missing and in English. These non-translated strings would be all the places where ClassicPress has changed user-facing text. Hopefully you can see why this is also not ideal.

We’re open to adding more languages after we have things working smoothly for the first batch of 10, but for now, ClassicPress supporting 10 languages is intended.

We could also add a more prominent link to @rui’s plugin, but we’d have to make it clear that people using that approach should not expect 100% translation coverage.

Hope that helps. In the future, if something isn’t working as you’d expect, please ask questions rather than assuming that you already know what’s going on :wink:

Better still, don’t visit the forum at all.

No one is saying that.

I replied so that you (and anyone else reading) could learn a bit more about the amount of effort involved in translating ClassicPress, instead of making assumptions that “ClassicPress doesn’t support all WP languages which is just a bug”.

Even better would have been to ask questions to the people making the software before making that assumption.