ClassicPress Jobs Forum

We are pleased to announce the ClassicPress Jobs Forum.

We have an incredibly diverse community here at ClassicPress. We know there have already been a few attempts to hire others from the community, so we wanted to provide an official place for this. Users in the community can use the new jobs forum to hire others from the community for any commercial ClassicPress-related projects: jobs or paid gigs, site build-outs, work on specific plugins, themes, etc.

Please note, that despite the launch of the jobs forum, we’ll continue to offer support in the forums as we have been, that’s not changing and will continue to be free for all. Generally speaking, we’re happy to help solve issues that do not require direct access to your site in our support forums, and issues that require direct access are best posted as paid jobs to be handled by members of the ClassicPress community.

We look forward to seeing our community grow! If you wish to use the jobs forum we ask that you read the information post prior to posting any paid jobs or ‘applying’ for any positions.