Issues with jobs forum

We got a question about this (a request to build a site) via the contact form on

However, I can’t direct this person to the above post as-is because neither of the links in the post are visible to logged-out users. I think the requirements to access the jobs forum are a certain trust level, but this is not clearly explained.

This feature would see more use (and it could be a valuable entry point into our community) with a bit more explanation. If this is the purpose of the thread I linked, then it should include all the information that a newcomer needs in order to get up and running. Something like this (making a lot of assumptions here but I think this is roughly consistent with the way it currently works):

We expect people who post and reply to jobs to be active members of our community, as this ensures a better outcome for everyone. In order to view the jobs forum and post a job, you will need to reach Trust Level X on our forums. In short, this means making XX posts or comments and being an active member [definition of “active”] for at least X days. To read more about trust levels see the relevant [Discourse documentation].