ClassicPress marketing advocacy framework


No harm in seeing some ideas :slight_smile:

A big help beyond the logo would be things such as company stationary to use on documents.


I agree.

I typically start with the logo first as it makes the letterhead, document headers/footers, etc. easier to design from there.


As far as the logo goes I think we’re done - it would be a mammoth undertaking to change it in all the places it’s used now.


P.S. All the brand files can be found here:


Understood. My only concern was how thin the typeface was.

It doesn’t have to be an extra bold or black weight, but slightly thicker (medium, bold) could help convey a more solid, established feel to businesses looking for a platform.


We need someone to go to, upload the logo or logos, and create some stationary and letterhead. Can someone please do that now so we can cross that off the list?


eric, could you knock something out for that please? Let’s get some results that are easy wins for now.


We’re crossing between the design and marketing pieces here IMO – logo and letterhead really fall under the purview of the design team, as the overall brand is their wheelhouse. Canva is not the place for that.

I think it’s fine to look at refining the ClassicPress logo in about a year, but it’s already gone through a couple of revisions and now is out in the wild… we need to give it time. We can revisit it later – we have bigger fish to fry right now, like establishing and executing a strong marketing plan with some good solid messaging.


If someone can send me the logo in vector format, I can design some stationary and letterhead.


Eric, thanks – much appreciated. I’m the design team lead, so I’ll send you over the logo; looking forward to seeing your concepts. I’m going to move this piece of the conversation over to design, let’s pick it up there.


As far as messaging goes, is this the right place to discuss it?

I see there are other topics regarding marketing ideas, etc.


Design category created, let’s move the design convo there:


@scott is the team lead for marketing so I’m sure he’ll speak to this as well but the short answer is yes, with the caveat that the design team needs to have some input because we are tasked with guarding the overall CP brand… which as you know, is more than just the logo.


Oh, yes, I understand on the branding aspect. It must be consistent.


Seconded, please don’t change the logo or major branding assets. We don’t even have a list of all the places it’s used, but there are a lot.


If you stir their nests, they will respond.


@BlueSkyPhoenix Is there a generic or approved press release for ClassicPress I can circulate to agencies or journalists?


I’m not sure how is this relevant to this particular topic? Perhaps I’m not scrolling back far enough or I don’t understand your intention with these links. I thought Scott had asked for a list of journalists we could contact –

the first link is a paid service and the next two appear to be membership sites directed toward journalists, not people who want to contact journalists…


Hi @voltaire, I think almost everyone (including me) is on holiday this week, so I don’t know for sure. If you’d like to submit something for review, we’d be happy to take a look. Thank you!


presshunt is a website to look up types of journalists and help put people in touch with them.
IRE is a society for investigative journalists. There’s nothing they don’t know or can’t find out. And they know lots of journalists. SPJ is the Society for Professional Journalists and again, know millions of journalists around the world. The organizations have journalists as members, lots of them. They have membership coordinators who can reach out to members. That was my point.

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