ClassicPress marketing advocacy framework


I think it is safe to say that the majority of us work this way. Just realize that, being semi-retired, you probably have more free time to devote than someone with a full-time job, kids in the house, etc… which I think describes many (most?) of us.



I’m coming in late to the game, and I’m trying to read up on as much of the history as possible before I jump in too deep.

There are several mentions of talking points and C&P text that can be used for initial outreach and discussion. I didn’t see a link to anything yet, but I’m still exploring the forums. Is there a “talking points” book? I’d like to read it. If not, I’d be willing to step up and write some initial drafts to get the ball rolling.



Hi Blaze, you’re not late at all. The committee has been laying the foundation and I think we’re close to releasing something that will be useable by the marketing team. Do you plan to be at the marketing/community meeting next week? This is a good item to add to the agenda. Thanks for asking about it!

Pinging @scott, as he’s the marketing team lead.



When/where is the meeting? I’ll see if I can make it.



The exact date isn’t available yet. You can vote for possible dates at

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I have added my options.

However: I will not be using that site again. It requires 27 separate scripts from over a dozen different sources. i don’t feel comfortable with that.

If there’s a place where meeting times are posted, I’ll check that and attend or not based on my availability.

I’ve haven’t seen “where” the meetings take place. What application/forum is being used?



We usually meet via Slack; since this is a joint meeting I’ll get back to you on which channel – thanks!



I’ll try to stop by, see if I can add my 2 cents :slightly_smiling_face:

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