ClassicPress Specific Themes

I think a repo for JUST CP themes would be nice… even though as @joyously mentions, “…way too many to [list]” I do think there should be a special place/list/repo for exclusively CP themes.

Case; Point: I built two themes so far that are JUST for CP—yes, they would run on WP but would not pass ThemeCheck or repo review.

GitHub - tradesouthwest/elevenwider: Child theme for WordPress Twentyeleven theme built for ClassicPress is a child theme for Twentyeleven but it is intended for CP ONLY yet it would NOT pass wp theme review due to intentionally missing Block and body_open theme support.

GitHub - tradesouthwest/relation: Relation is a blogging theme made for ClassicPress. RUNS on wp but as above, IS intended for CP strickly. (not a child theme of anything) What I did for this theme was built a second theme called relational whereas there is support for WP component requires.

So either of these two themes above would be candidates for a CP “repo” yet would not satisfy any criteria to suffice WP’s repos.

I am willing to overhaul if the need calls for. Currently I am creating my own themes repo (of sorts) but have not solidified the scope for the site, as of yet.

The new directory will be including plugins, themes and snippets.


Those are actually not required by WP theme repo,
Edit: I should amend this to say that the Block stuff is not required, but the body_open hook is…but that was backported to CP in Nov 2021.
although child themes need to have something more than just a few style changes.
My opinion is that we should not list child themes in the CP Directory.

As soon as we get the high priority Layout PR in (when Matt comes back from vacation), we can rebase the existing PRs and have a good basis for CP 1.5.0, which includes my PR for adding body-only support for themes. That will be grounds for themes that are just for CP.

Meanwhile, you should read up on prior discussions we’ve had about theme guidelines to follow.

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The new directory …

Can you be specific about what you are reporting here. Is there a thread specifically for a [new] CP repo or are you just now announcing there (may) be such a thing in the future for anyone reading this thread?

Must agree, If one where to create such a monster; it SHOULD contain ALL CP products. to include plugins, themes, snippets. So my thinking is to keep it all in one place, like WP has. We have a CP Plugins URI but not sure how this would relate to the “new directory” as far as web address protocol (… etc.

I do see there are plans for a directory. Draft Theme Directory Submission Guidelines Thank you @joyously and @viktor I am clear as to what “the directory” is referring to.

thanks again… Mondays!

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Yes I am full aware of this @joyously it was just an example… in fact if a theme does not pass Themecheck I would not publish it. this was just a generalization to what is and is not important to pass ThemeReview team in WP.

I do think it would be nice to have AT LEAST a link in the Themes.php pages to link to ClassicPress WorldOfThings. this would help WP users become more familiar with the resource available (when available) for CP users; so they do not have to rely on WP sources for everything.

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backwards bump… LOL

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Im using CoverNews by some minor back end bugs but it works and i have a lot of flexibility on the front page, sidebar and footers.

Edit: some parts of the themes code was lightly modified in the footer area in order to get one of the widgets to work, so it can be used fully if the user has an understanding of the framework and a good understanding of general code/programming.


Maybe create a plugin for this theme to update it to CP. (not sure if Author would need to approve or what)

This brings up an interesting subject: If a plugin i built to honor CP compatibility then how would it be labeled and tagged? prefix-classicpressVersion(ing) - But will push to new topic or Plugins if any other discussion comes about for this matter.

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I tried to contact the theme owner to see if it would be completely compatible on classicpress in future updates, the owner didn’t have any contact details that i could find just a payment system and a messege box that i cant access without giving my clients web address, my contract prohibits that. (i maintain a few sites in php and one in classicpress, he wanted WordPress but i showed him reason) , i consider it unprofessional when selling somthing not to have an email, address or phone number personally, the theme looks like an update of a much older wordpress theme called newsmag that i can no longer find, im sure that was open code, that theme was better/faster and it would be 100% compatible with classicpress if i can find that old gem id pay a developer to update it to classicpress requirements.


Non-techie people who want to use ClassicPress will want to choose a CP-specific theme so they don’t end up having to pay someone to switch and tweak themes every time one stops working going forward.

The point of me making this list was in trying to find themes that are NOT going to stop working because they drop support for non-Gutenberg sites.

Hi Ben,

Could you elaborate? Is Camaraderie a CP theme or you updated a WP theme to make it compatible?

If it is your theme and you plan to keep it compatible, let me know and I’ll add it to this Wiki.

Thank you, Elisabetta. I’ve edited the Wiki with what you shared.


Camaraderie works with CP. I’m currently making some changes but I’ve been really busy with other stuff.
I think that overall, I believe I have 18 themes in the WP repository and I am going to make it so that CP is compatibile at least that’s the plan. I do have 2 themes that is CP theme.

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I’ll throw in my UpFront Fork, which I receive and maintain especially for ClassicPress.
By the way, I’m always happy about developers who want to contribute to make it better

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I’m not sure if this is the appropriate forum to ask, but I am curious about ClassicPress themes. Can someone clarify if they are suitable for creating business websites and whether they offer adequate features for SEO?

Thanks in advance!

ClassicPress themes are basically WordPress themes. Whatever they offer with WordPress, they will offer in ClassicPress.

Each theme is different with different features, different code structure, etc. Some themes are better optimized for SEO than others. Some themes are better for blogs, others are better for business websites.

It’s all theme-specific.

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Hi Ethan,

As said previously, there are themes for any kind of site. Many WordPress themes currently still work with ClassicPress, but they may not maintain backward compatibility. If they don’t, they are likely to stop working later.

Personally, I prefer to choose a Classic Press specific theme so I know that won’t happen.

Regarding SEO, there is a Classic Press SEO plugin. It is basically RankMath. So, yes, install that plugin and you can SEO any site you build.

I have some ClassicPress theme specific that is coming soon this year.


Tag me when you release any so I can add them to the list, please.