ClassicSEO stopped working

I have been using the latest version of ClassicSEO plugin, and I must say that it was to get it back and working. However, I was just about to make a post and first of all I am unable to change the date and just by the publish button, it says SEO: Not available.

Not sure why this has just happened. A post I did about an hour earlier worked okay, but this time I encountered this problem.

Not sure if it is related to classicSEO, I deactivated and then reactivated it, but the SEO is not accessible, so I am guessing that this is the problem.

Has anyone got an idea what the problem is, and how (in simple terms), I might be able to fix this.

Thanks in advance

Can you please post your error log? You can use one of my dev tools for this. Install it, activate Debug Mode, refresh your log and try de-activate/Activate Classic-SEO und Show us, what the Errorlog shows. Dont forget, for Security Reason, to deactivate Debug-Mode if you dont need!

How do I install theese dev tools. when I click the link it says DNS address not found.

I am starting to think this might not be related to classicSEO, but hopefully if I can get these error logs it might provide an answer, as I also seem to have no response when I click on Screen options as well.

Can you tell me how to install it please

Sry, wrong Link, corected. TRY THIS and install it like a normal Plugin. You can handle Debug Options with it from your Dashboard.

Okay, I have now installed it. What should I be looking for, or what section?

I have noticed that a lot of the menus have now stopped working, like in the posts the adding tags, or editing the date, screen options and help. If I go onto the Theme sections and click on a theme for details it won’t click as well.

I presumed that the problem was with Classic SEO as this how I noticed it had stopped working, but I think the problem is bigger than this.

Any ideas would be appreciated, or info on how to use the debug tool so that I can resolve this.

Many thanks in advance for you help and time

You can check the browser’s console for errors. Seems a JS related issue.

I have ClassicSEO on my site, and it works fine.
Could be a plugin conflict caused by ClassicSEO and another plugin (or the theme) fighting for some reason.
If you are able to let us know what the logs show we can be able to pinpoint the issue to solve it.

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We are already behind it, there are indeed some problems, SSL is not working properly as a rat tail quite a few JS libraries are not loaded correctly, etc. ClassicSEO is innocent, so far I can already say that.

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@Dernerd thanks for confirming.

I had the same problem yesterday. I don’t use SEO plugin. The problem is not in ClassicPress, it is at the hosting level and affects a new rule in imunify360.


First of all, welcome, yes I have already found the imunify360 as a troublemaker, you are absolutely right.


A small update: I was able to fix the script errors now, the SSL still shows false/positive, I’ll take care of that tomorrow, I need some sleep first. Your website should now be working again. I installed my CP toolkit for you, enjoy it, it will give you lots of great tools for your ClassicPress, I needed it for maintenance mode and smpt test, but I’m happy to leave it installed for you

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I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me, and a good example of why I like and support this community. It has also been a wake-up call for me, seeing that my skill set is very low and that I am going to improve that over this year.


Really, no problem, you’re welcome. In the spirit of the open source idea, we are always happy to help each other with advice and action

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What exactly was the issue/fix? So we have it for future reference.

The main issue was a rule change at Immunify360 regarding ModSecurity. Then there were some conflicts in the .htaccess, I guess that was triggered when trying to fix the problem with several SSL plugins. Whether that’s all, I can’t say yet, I first have to set up a new SSL certificate and then integrate it via suitable wp-conf and .htaccess rules without requiring a plugin for it. Due to the misconfiguration, ClassicPress could not load a number of .js files correctly. Many menus didn’t work anymore, the customizer failed, etc. I can tell if that was exactly it when I cleaned up the whole thing and reconfigured it to solve the false/positive SSL warning.

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Hi @Dernerd,

Thank you for Classic SEO. Although I asked my tech to install the TOC code for ClassicPress, I see that he installed Joli Table Of Contents instead.

ClassicSEO does not recognize it as being installed. In posts under Content Readability I get

  • You don’t seem to be using a Table of Contents plugin.

They just updated it and I still have that issue. But this TOC seems to work in ClassicPress – at least so far. I can just ignore that message, but I thought you might want to know in case someone else asks.

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Thank you very much for this input.

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