Cleaning up the <head>

Traditionally the section is bloated with all kinds of things that should not be there, or at least not by default.

There is already an open issue to remove the Windows Live Writer (Remove Windows Live Writer action · Issue #69 · ClassicPress/ClassicPress · GitHub), but this feature request takes things further.

For example the output of the REST API link tag into page header should not be added by default in my opinion.

Of course there are many more individual links that bloat the of ClassicPress, vote this request up if you agree to a clean up!

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Author: Pieter Bos

Vote count: 64

Status: open


  • request-modify-feature


We do have the dedicated Head Cleaner plugin for ClassicPress. It can remove a whole bevy of scripts, styles, and tags from the head section with just a click. It includes helpful descriptions and examples of the code removed, leaving little guesswork. Here’s a sampler of the admin screen.

So, yeah… here it is. :slight_smile:


My view is that this is plugin territory and that @Code_Potent’s plugin satisfies the requirements of this petition.

I guess the question is: do we close this particular petition now? Any other thoughts?

Leaving the generator tag in the head can be useful to ClassicPress as it is one of the key indicators used by the likes of BuiltWith and W3Tech to determine a website’s underlying technology.


I agree this is plugin territory.

Not sure how petition closure works – I asked in #random a few days ago, but, didn’t hear back. With 64 votes, it’s fairly popular; we should proceed with care.


Very true.

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In addition to the dedicated plugin, the code snippet to clean <head> can also be added to the upcoming snippet repository. So this petition will be closed as easy solutions already exist.

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