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I think the best way to deal with petitions like this is to point to a plugin that solves the problem, tag it as plugin recommended or something but leave it “active” for other replies.

I could see in the future petitions that originally had a plugin recommendation getting enough support for us to look at implementing the plugin as a core plugin or similar.

@1stepforward @Code_Potent thoughts?


There’s a couple of options as I see it:

  1. mark the petition as “solved” using the forum checkbox in the normal way
  2. tag the petition with something like “has solution”

Agree we should leave them open for further comments but not too sure how long they should be left open. Do we leave them open indefinitely or do we close them after a predefined period? My preference would be the latter.

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This will close them after a certain time. Though I don’t recall if we can set the “close after” setting per category or not.

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I like the idea of using plugin-recommended and/or has-solution tags, and leaving the item open to ensure that related commentary doesn’t find itself spread across multiple threads after a petition closes.


I’m happy with tags. I personally think has-solution works better since that can also be applied to petitions that have other recommendations / solutions.


Wasn’t quite sure if we actually agreed on which tag(s) to use so I’ve gone ahead and created a has-solution tag. I’m perfectly OK if you want to change this to something-else or add an additional tag. Obviously, the main thing is consistency.

I’ve added the new tag to Cleaning up the <head>.

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That’s perfect, I had been meaning to do that so thank you! :ok_hand:

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