CP website not displaying correctly

I was just looking at the mobile menu for the CP site and it doesn’t display the new menu item recently added under resources. It may be some weird caching issue, but it’s doing it in 4 different browsers, even after I clear my cache.

I was also looking at the site in Edge and the dropdown menus weren’t dropping down on desktop view. So all the sub-menus were not accessible. They are there on the mobile view (except the new one as mentioned above).

Can someone else test this and see if they get the same issues?



Are there 2 menus? One for desktop and one for mobile and the links have only been added to the desktop menu location only?

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Should be there now - thanks for reporting it :slight_smile:


Yes, that one is fixed now, thanks.

But I am still not getting any dropdown menus on hover in Edge browser. Is that just me?


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