Custom Fields in Core

I can imagine among the top reasons why devs wouldn’t try ClassicPress is because of plugin compatibility.

It’s still shocking to me that Wordpress hasn’t implemented custom fields functionality in core, but at least WP has many plugins out there to do the job.

CP has the same problem as WP in terms of no custom fields out of the box, but is also hampered by the fact that probably most of these custom fields plugins aren’t compatible with CP.

Implementing robust custom fields that could take the place of ACF, CMB2, or Carbon Fields, would slingshot CP ahead of WP in my opinion.

I know it’s no small feat, but given the demand for custom fields, it’s difficult for me to understand how this isn’t prioritized near the very top of any roadmap going forward.

I want to know where i’m wrong with this so please school me.

Possible implementation

Custom Fields that support Theme level, post type, pages, etc… out of the box with CP.

Will you be able to help with the implementation?

Of all the things i’d feel compelled to help with this would be one of them.

WordPress has custom fields in core.
They are just not advanced, but they are there. It is generally known as user_, post_ and term_meta.
You can add, display and else manipulate them either in the GUI or with code.

It also has a very advanced options and settings API, which is what is to be used for “Theme level” or other types of settings/options.
Posts and pages are as said already covered under the fields available in CP.

For more advanced fields, say select or repeating or else, Core can not implement this because the ramifications and wishes are endless. Would it implement a select, someone would ask for select2 and the other for bootstrap and the third for ajaxified load of options, just as example. So this is where plugins come in.

That is, thus, a job of plugins to offer more advanced options of custom fields (which unfortunately are rare in CP)

That all said, there is a petition to advance the Fields API more, in core, see: Finish the Custom Fields API


As stated above, there is a petition to improve custom fields API. Adding custom field types like ACF isn’t in line with keeping core slim, and should be done with a plugin.

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