"customize" login page


Why not just grab the Site Logo and set that as the logo on the login screen.

That would be lightweight enough (no extra functionality), while also being beneficial for businesses (regardless of whether they have developers or not).

I wouldn’t do anything else on the login screen though, anything else can be done by developers or a plugin. I understand the point of view of site owners/businesses who don’t code but want that customization.

I agree with this.



This thread is a good example of why we have the petition process. Community feedback directly sets the direction for future releases of ClassicPress, but this only works when we can see new feature suggestions and the associated number of votes!

I can read this thread and understand that we have multiple users and site builders who want to be able to customize the login screen. However, in order to make it part of a future release, I need to be able to prioritize this new feature relative to other improvements. This means we need it ranked next to the other petitions.

Starting a petition “I want to be able to customize the login screen” would be fine. It’s not easy to turn a general petition like that into a concrete implementation, but it at least lets us know how many people want to do this.

Starting a more specific petition “I want to be able to set my own user-defined image on the login screen” would also be fine. It’d be easier to get this implemented since it’s concrete and specific.

We already have a specific petition about the remember me checkbox. If improving this checkbox is part of your ideal login screen experience, go to that petition and add your vote!



Yes. This should be more enough.



Nice idea… I like it!

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@rotello, @ozfiddler, and anyone else.

I started a petition here to set login page logo to be the Site Logo :slight_smile:




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This is one of the reasons why these forums are so good. Several people get to chime in, some useful code gets offered, and the original idea gets refined to something that would offer benefits to some while causing no harm to others. Then the refined idea gets put forward on the petitioned site.



The logo link should then also point to the homepage I think


Irritations and Expectations: seeking input

Love it - so simple



Thank you CP