Discussion regarding expertise

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we each have our own viewpoints.
And while you may consider your self an expert on ClassicPress many of the people that are coming over from WP are far from it myself included.

When 2.0 CP comes out, that’s one step farther away from WP.

Somebody asked what I thought should be on a blog and I gave my idea.

Right; I didn’t intend to say your thoughts weren’t valid, “just” adding my own thoughts, as well.

That is a reply I would expect over on the WP forums.
I’m an expert so everybody else must be… Their attitude is it my way or the highway.

There are more users than just you and way way more levels than your expert.
As I said we have coders and designers and bloggers.

This is going off topic.

I’ve updated my post to reflect that my extensive WP experience makes me feel comfortable calling myself a ClassicPress expert.

Personally, I’ve learned along the path of doing, so I know I have a lot of gaps in my knowledge. I’d appreciate a mix of both the basics and advanced tutorials.


I’m not sure how to take this. We’re all just people, even those of us that answer a lot of questions on the WP forums. And we all have certain knowledge and certain gaps. Please don’t judge someone by their use of a piece of software.


To put it another way: any experience you have with WP 4.9 and earlier, whether that is as a user/blogger/developer/designer/etc, will translate pretty directly to ClassicPress.