Discussions: Should ClassicPress become involved?

Continuing the discussion from ClassicPress for WordPress 4.9 users:

This post is intended as a place where CP Community members can alert others in the community of discussions where it may be advantageous for CP to become involved. Please use the format below to help the Community understand the context of the discussion and the reason you are bringing attention to it.

PLEASE NOTE: ClassicPress is an open source community. Anyone can be supportive of and promote ClassicPress in their discussions with others. A unified community of many voices is more powerful than a single voice. A part of the burden belongs to each one of us if we want to see ClassicPress succeed.

If you feel a discussion requires an “official” response, please reply to this topic and use this format when submitting information for review:

  • Link:

  • Summary of the discussion taking place at the link above:

  • Have you, as a CP Community member, responded or contributed to this discussion on behalf of CP?
    If so, what did you say? If not, why not?

  • Why do you think CP should get involved in this discussion?

  • Is there a specific CP Community member you think should respond to this discussion? If so, who?

Submitting this information will help others in the Community be able to respond in a timely manner, if needed.