Does anyone want to work on ClassicPress v2 (with breaking changes)?

You mean you sell websites or customize ClassicPress sites?
I also use cp for business - for my business thou

The clients don’t want to hear about it. “Are there plugins? No? Ok then why would I use it. I can’t hire a programmer for everything” is the Standard answer …

I sell access to websites.

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As far I understand, then, same as me?
The business site is on CP. No client wants to use it, however.
That is what I meant with “no one uses it for business”.
With CP you can not make a living (in my experience).
The only one I know here who has stated to build CP sites for clients (and thus making a living with cp) is James, and he does it by simply “doing it” as far I recall.
But I am diverging too much from the topic, sorry!

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Here’s the doc for our API:


@alvarofranz it looks like we already have directory API. Check it out. This would be the best way to get started with v2. We all want and need plugins and themes to update automatically and be able to install them quickly without downloading zips.


That’s awesome. I am moving a platform to CP, one that is actually being used by a business. Not a huge business, but it’s paying the bills for two people.

I am making sure everything works fine. Have to undo some stuff that I did to adapt to WP 5+.

Once I get that under control I will start with plugin directory. If someone is taking a look into that, It would be nice to get coordinated.

Started a topic to keep track of Plugin Directory Integration.