Enriched Editor 1.0.1

Enriched Editor

The Enriched Editor plugin extends the text editor in ClassicPress with many WYSIWYG options including text formatting, lists, tables, and much more.


If you already have Enriched Editor installed and you do not see the update in your dashboard, it means that you’ve got one of the super early versions. You can either overwrite the old plugin files with the new files, or uninstall the old version and install the new via your dashboard, at your preference. NOTE: If are are running TinyMCE Advanced or WYSIWYG Advanced, the Enriched Editor is a replacement for these plugins – uninstall whichever one you are using and install the Enriched Editor. Because the Enriched Editor is now fully connected with the ClassicPress update process, support for the other two old editor plugins will be discontinued.


This release fixes a bug in which the editor buttons were not correctly applying to the various contexts.


Download Enriched Editor 1.0.1

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