Enriched Editor not in directory

Hi guys. Is the Enriched Editor, originally by @Code_Potent, still supported for CP?

It’s not in the plugins directory, and the old link in the threads goes 404.

But I did find it in @james’ Github:

Releases · nylen/Enriched-Editor · GitHub

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Yes the plugin is still supported for CP. This is probably just an oversight by the new adopter.

Pinging @james and @wadestriebel – this needs to be attached to an account and added to the directory as it’s going to be one virtually everyone wants. The PHP Error Log Viewer is also missing from the directory, though maybe that was intentional. Heads up! :slight_smile:


Already installed it, thanks. Great plugin. I’m especially happy about the fact that I can see the HTML source code.

Usually, I write and edit using Markdown in my phone or PC, and I just paste the final HTML code in the WP/CP editor. With Gutenberg, this is a hassle, since I still have to insert custom HTML blocks. With the Classic Editor, I could paste HTML in text mode, true, but it strips out the paragraph tags, and I’m never sure of the final code.

But with this Enriched Editor, I can just paste the HTML in the source code box and hit Publish :grinning:


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