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Created a Facebook group off of @dsl25 recc. 100% needed.

Join here. Spread the word.


WOW that was fast!


I’m not a Facebooker, but can appreciate that you jumped in and got it done. Props!


What’s the FB useage stats now? Two billion or something like that? FB is a big time-vacuum, like talking to an auditorium filled with “entrepreneurs” and “founders” who have no real business or idea what SEO is (not that I’m a genius) but I think I agree with the old saying “there’s no such thing as bad publicity.” I get the approach to take the high road and agree with it long term. And since someone else is setting it up, I don’t see any harm at all.

@tommy you created a YouTube channel and Facebook group? Already! Dude, I need to put together a military-style marketing plan and give it to you for execution! You could probably do air and sea within a few days at this pace! Makes me want to cross-post your video on the Gutenberg forums.

Although…I might prefer that the ClassicPress FB group be private for obvious reasons! Maybe a ClassicPress Tech Support FB group that’s private? What do you think?

lol @voltaire - no, I haven’t created a YT channel. I think I’ll leave that alone, as it’s more of a branding thing, however I plan on making that first ‘GutenBroke’ vid once I get around to it.

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I saw the CP YouTube channel and subscribed. So…interesting.

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That is an official one (I think from @scott) :slight_smile:


@tommy thank you for making the group “unofficial” for now. The committee has agreed that we want to take the high ground, both in the near and far term. Creating ourselves as the anti- does not serve us in the long run, and as a brand, we do not want to be seen that way. We feel we are best served by focusing on what we do right, rather than what others do wrong.

As @scott announced today via Twitter, we are almost ready to release the V1 and V2 roadmap. Once that is complete, I’m sure it would be very helpful to have some messaging created around it that could be used for a series of social media posts in the coming weeks. This will need to be a coordinated effort between the marketing and design teams, and we would be happy to have your help, as well as the help of @voltaire and others. It looks like you’ve already started a “Marketing Plan” topic, so perhaps we should continue this larger discussion there?


@BlueSkyPhoenix so if I hear you correctly, and I think that I am…a Benny Hill themed video showing an infinite scroll of 1 star Gutenberg reviews would be frowned upon by the upper echelons.

(Thick sarcasm, but I actually did make one ready to post before I read this.):laughing:

Understood. High road it is.


Thanks! (I was never a fan of Benny Hill anyway…)

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I’ll check it out.

But it would be funny…and ending with the opening scene from the cult classic “The Prisoner” right before the video shows ClassicPress logo?

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