Free blog like

Do you have or plan to create free blogs like

I have hosted wordpress sites and a free blog.

But every time I want to work on the free blog, the new wordpress editor gives me a headache, everything that was so simple before is so complicated and that’s why I don’t bother with it anymore.

But if there was the same system for creating free blogs with Classicpress, it would be great.

I’ve tried a lot of other free blogs, but every time the article editing is complicated, so I think a free Classicpress blog could attract a lot of people, to make article creation simple again.

Yes, it probably would. But it wouldn’t be free to host it.

WordPress offer a basic site for free in the hope the user will upgrade to a paid plan, once they realize its limitations.

For example, to be able to install your own plugins or themes, requires at least the Creator plan which is showing as 60.00 AUD per month for me.

I doubt the ClassicPress team have the time or resources to operate such a service, with the associated upgrades.

People would get a much better outcome by simply paying 3-4 dollars per month for hosting and installing their own website. Most hosts can do automatic installs through Softaculous or Installatron, so it’s ready to go in minutes.

I offer an enhanced version of the free GeneratePress theme at my website which is perfect for a blog. I can also provide hosting for 35.00 USD per year if needed. They would get support from me in the first instance too, should they get stuck.

Not that I’m trying to promote my hosting, but it’s there if someone is interested.

2 Likes also makes money by placing ads on free blogs.

This would also make Classicpress even better known to the general public.

Well, yes, it would probably require funding they may not have, but it could also generate some in the end.

I have a site on on a subject I’m passionate about but which wouldn’t earn me much, I’d rather keep it on a free and open platform than have to buy hosting for it.

I already manage 5 other sites on three different hostings.

About this: I had a similar idea in the past and still have.

The issue is is hosted on a heavily curated multisite network. This requires money and knowledge and a team.

Also, CP initiative (the foundation behind CP project that is there to manage all financial/legal aspects) can’t host such a commercial platform, for legal and also ideological reasons.

When CP was born, founded by Scott, one of the goals was to NOT to have such structure because what Automattic did with WP open source software in a way subjected WP software community to the whims of a single man owning a company influencing decisions that only community should be able to direct.

This idea can be realized on a technical level, yes, however since Automattic is an already established competitor in the industry, CP is not walking on its own since it heavily relies on (and advertises) WP ecosystem and it’s not yet mature for the risk taking in terms of money involved, for now no private company is going to give you a “free blog” in the hopes you upgrade.

And remember, when it’s “free” - you are the product.

But as many people told you above there are PLENTY of people here managing small web hosting businesses that can give you a competitive hosting service for your site AND will personally support you with your CP site technical needs. This in turn supports CP ecosystem empowering them to develop CP plugins and solutions they can decide to offer for free, it grows the healthy economy around CP.