FULL test of all PLUGINS on BETA

I just finished checking and/or testing ALL PLUGINS that I have on my test site, which is a full mirror of the production site that I want to deploy CP on… I only had a couple of minor questions, which I’ve already addressed in SUPPORT, etc.

EVERYTHING other than those two issues I addressed via forums is working, and working WELL! I’m very, VERY pleased with this, and sincerely hope you guys can get to RC 1 ASAP… I really, REALLY want to deploy CP on my main site and then post ALL OVER FB that WP (i.e., Matt’s WP with Gutenberg) is NOT an issue; people no longer need to wring their hands over this, because CP is PERFECT so far!

Congrats to @scott and all the volunteers… just superb!


Great to hear all the plugins worked well! :slight_smile:

Do you have a list of plugins you tested that you could share in this thread?

Here you go:

All In One WP Security
All-in-One WP Migration
All-in-One WP Migration Unlimited Extension
Contact Form 7
Easy FAQ with Expanding Text
Easy Pricing Tables by Fatcat Apps
Google XML Sitemaps
Image Rotator Widget
Manage XML-RPC
Online Payments with PayPal and Stripe - By vCita
Organize Series
Plugin Inspector
Simple History
WordPress Carousel
WP Full Stripe Free
WP Mail SMTP Plugin by Mail Bank
WP Statistics
WP Super Cache
WPBakery Visual Composer
Yoast SEO Premium


Thanks for posting that!

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NOT a problem…

I have 2 live sites now running ClassicPress with Divi and a handful of plugins that usually go with WP and Divi. They seem to be just fine. Would it be helpful for me to list the 2 sites and the plugins? You’d be welcome to check those 2 sites out if you want?..

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Dick_Metcalf, I’ve got Divi with ClassicPress running on 2 live sites now and they seem just fine. I can list all the plugins and give the sites if it’s helpful but everything seems to be humming along just fine. This would be a big deal to let Divi users know about as I know many on the support forums either don’t know about Gutenberg/5.0 at all, have never heard of ClassicPress and don’t know that this is a viable option for them rather than stressing out over the whole breaks, updates, breaks, updates cycle.

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Absolutely I would be interested in seeing that

That would be great if you could list all the plugins you are using. It is helpful because when anyone searches for that plugin this discussion can come up and show them it has been tested :slight_smile:

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Sure happy to help:


Themes being used:

  • Divi by Elegant Themes
  • Extra by Elegant Themes

Plugins being used in those sites are:

  • WordFence
  • All In One SEO Pack
  • Coming Soon Page & Maintenance Mode by SeedProd
  • Divi Booster
  • Divi 100 Login Page
  • Really Simple SSL
  • Smush
  • UpdraftPlus
  • WP Optize

I have a massive older site that i feel kind of ambivalent about that is using other plugins and I can test ClassicPress on that later on tonight and let you know what’s there as well after more time.

That would be a great test case if you have time and don’t mind!

Just switched an older, big site over. Don’t really know about lead generation for it but it’s made us a few grand in sales, so I’ve kept it around for a while.



Plugins running (that were not already listed previously):

  • Contact Form 7
  • Contact Form 7 COnditional Fields
  • Contact Form 7 Multi-Step Forms
  • Contact Form 7 Redirection
  • Contact Form 7 CFD
  • Icegram-Popups, Optins, CTAs & lot more…
  • Page Links To

It’s got around 2,000 subscribers (most are spammers, I’m sure) but it seems to work okay so far…


I would be surprised based on what I’ve see thus far if there were WP plugins that did not work with ClassicPress since it’s WP 4.9 - unless it’s a Gutenberg-based plugin. Is there a list somewhere of plugins that do not work with ClassicPress?

We do have some plugins that have conflicts, but that is typically because they are using either the wp-config or something in the file structure. You can see the list of reported conflicts here: https://docs.classicpress.net/installing-classicpress/#plugin-conflicts

It is still great to have a list of plugins that have been verified to work, as we are often asked if a specific plugin will work or not.

Now I am off to bed

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I’m excited to try to help and am wearing down as well…but just found the link and looked over the WordFence notes, which are interesting. I have not gotten any error messages from WordFence yet, but will check the settings against the notes tomorrow.

Where would I navigate to to ask questions about WordFence, I just got an email with 861 alerts/issues relating to CP and honestly cannot find the “scan against core changes” setting to even disable that, so I’m going through the settings now trying to decipher it. I may just mark the 861 alerts as “known” or “fixed.”

My advice would be their support forum, they should be able to help you there! :slight_smile:

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From a lay perspective, I’d say WordFence is not compatible based on this. I know the 861 alerts are from installing CP, so I’m not alarmed but the settings are not there to change.

That is what has been reported, so we have listed it on our docs site as a conflict - that being said if people ask in their support forum for compatibility with ClassicPress they may realize it is worth investing in.

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