Future Planning: What should we call our IRL Conferences?

Thank you. It was the second purpose of my post - suggest the name for camps. ClassCamp, ClassMeet. Some domain names should be secured in the case our community loves them.

BTW, coming with names is my daily job, doing this the last 26 years.


At some point I think it would be great to put together some regional events so we can meet, collaborate, and grow as a community. Personally, I’m cautious about using the “Camp” concept, partly because I think it will be easier to create different expectations about our conferences if we start with a different name and work from there. That said – ultimately it’s the community’s decision, so I’m looking forward to hearing what everyone comes up with!


Hmmm. I’d prefer ClassicCamp over ClassCamp. I like the idea of using Classic as part of the name to clearly communicate the attachment to the project.

I agree with what you’re saying, @BlueSkyPhoenix, about using the term Camp. My feeling is that ClassicPress will have a harder time coming into its own if too many things are modeled after The WordPress Way™.

Here’s a few more combos to throw into the ol’ word-stew!

  • ClassicCon
  • ClassicComm
  • ClassicConnect
  • ClassicPressConnect
  • ClassicNation
  • ClassicPlanet

…that said…



I am partial to ClassiCon (dropping the trailing ‘c’ in ‘Classic’)


I thought about ClassicCon or ClassiCon but I don’t like the possible negative connotation of Classic Con. I see too many potential bad memes from that one.

We could always add an “f”:

  • ClassiConf



I think I’d go for keeping it simple and also using the full Classic word in there. But the best I can come up with are ClassicMeet, ClassicTalk and ClassicLink.

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classicseminar (com)
classicsummit (com)
classicmeets (cc, net)
classictalks (cc, net)
classictalk (cc, org)
classicgroup (cc, net)

Needless to say, if you find a suitable .com name, don’t procrastinate.

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I think the use of ‘Con’ in the CONtext of CONferences is really well established, and doesn’t represent any real threat from a marketing or meme perspective.


ClassicPressers MeetUp?
I am really not good at making…

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I agree that’s true.

and doesn’t represent any real threat from a marketing or meme perspective.

But I’m not sure that that conclusion follows. “It’s a classic con!” seems a pretty obvious meme to me.

In any event, I’d prefer something that makes more explicit the business focus of ClassicPress. For that reason I am not entirely convinced that a camel case name is the right approach.


Fair point.

Having mused on this a bit more, I have so far come up with the following ideas:

ClassicPress Convention
ClassicPress Connexions
ClassicPress Connexion
ClassicPress Connections
ClassicPress Connection
ClassicPress Summit

For those who still hanker for a camel case name:


I like “Summit”, it sounds official.


I like ClassicPress Summit also.

And if we go with a name like this, the most logical domain would be summit.classicpress.net (doesn’t exist yet, but not something we have to reserve either).


+ for Summit.


Summit was the stand out one for me too.

Interesting that everyone (including me) just assumed it would be a camel case name, but of course that is just a fad and totally unnecessary.

Short and sweet and complements ClassicCommerce (cc)

Yes… ClassicSummit is good too, if we want to stick with the camel case approach.

.net is available for it too.

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