Genesis update doesn't work



the update genesis framework from genesis 2.6.1 to 2.7.1 does not work.


Problem with updating Genesis themes

Hi @Soenke2, can you be more specific than “does not work” please?

What are you trying to do, and what happens when you try it? Error messages, screenshots, etc are all helpful.

Does the same issue appear on a WordPress site (not ClassicPress)?


First reported here: A problem with updating a theme


Interesting. Thus I am not the only one - but the people at WP Engine have clearly stated that they are not preventing updates on forks. We have probably to wait for more reports in order to identify the issue. In my case, I had just got the warning that update had failed - the kind of usual message when - for some reason - the update of a plugin or theme fails.


Interesting, we will continue to monitor it and ask that people who do run into this issue report it back to them as well. Hopefully if they see enough of their customers asking for a fix/support they can dedicate some resources to it.


I think - if possible- in documenting issues it might be helpful to use something like ScreencastOMatic to video record the issues if we can reproduce them and then (if you use Dropbox or Google Drive or something like that) share the link if possible. I do alot of web design work and often have technical glitches or issues and regularly email videos to clients to show training, issues, or just report on projects. I use ScreencastOMatic, Dropbox, and ScreencastOmatic has an option where you can make videos password protected and so on. There are lots of other tools to use but my point is that in documenting error messages or glitches, I think it helps to show videos of things if it’s possible to do it or recreate. I know many already know this, but in case some don’t know about these tools…


Just simple static screenshots are very helpful too. They’re easier to create (most computers have a built-in tool to do it) and easier to upload (they can be hosted right here as a file attachment on this site).


I’m working on a “master list” of web tools also but I know works for that.


For static screenshots (on Windows,) I use Greenshot… it works great and allows you to paste straight from the clipboard into, say, GitHub, Slack… or even right here. And, for lightweight moving screengrabs, ScreenToGif works well. The Windows snipping tool is fine, too, so long as you don’t need tidy highlighting.


Added to the list. Thanks!


Thanks for help!

Excuse the late answer.

Everything works … (as reported in another article



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