How to get users to tag plugin support requests

I have just been looking for a very recent discussion about Classic Commerce and found it really hard to find again. I expected it to come up with the classic-commerce tag but there are actually quite a few posts about CC that are just listed under “Plugin Support”.

For example

How do we get people to tag these so we can get back to them easily? It’s even harder with CC because sometimes it’s referred to as Classic Commerce, and sometimes ClassicCommerce and sometimes CC.

Just added the tag. But i think it’s up to the author to add tags.

Yes, but no-one does which makes them fairly useless.

Or create a Classic Commerce forum/section. Perhaps under Projects. But I think CC is big/important enough to have it’s own thing.

@wadestriebel is it possible to enforce tags in the Plugn Support sub-category?

I thought about that but people post about CC under General Discussion and Ecosystem as well.

With all the Petitions now coming up in the feed, things very quickly disappear from sight and are hard to find again.

There is a per/category setting: Minimum number of tags required in a topic.

Maybe we can choose in which categories require a tag.

Yes, I’m fine with having a tag called “No Tag” - just as long as people are made to at least think about it. :wink:

I added the requirement for tags, should help :slight_smile:

I will be honest, I have always found getting people to tag difficult, and I think adding the requirement in plugin support will just lead to people using general. I think @moderators will need to stay on top of any of those :+1:


I did also just do a mass-update for threads that mentioned CC to append the CC tag. Hopefully that also helps.


If I remember correctly, there are plans to include some sort of integration between the plugin directory and the forum to offer plugin-specific support. Similar to what WordPress is doing. But I don’t think all the technical details have been fleshed out. Just an idea for now.

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They can just go into the Plugin Support subcategory. If a user tags it, great… if not, it’s still in the right place.

Yes, but what comes under plugin support? General discussion? Suggestions for new features?

I guess my point is that tags that are only used occasionally are basically useless.

Yes…and anything else to do with a plugin.

I would agree. However, creating a forum for every single plugin seems problematic. Maybe not right this second, but once there’s hundreds or thousands of plugins in the directory, the forums will be a neverending scrolling nightmare. :slight_smile:

Yes, agreed. It would be unmanageable.

But I am starting to think tags should be dropped. They are just misleading. It looks like you can use them to find stuff but in fact it only ever gives partial results.

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I’m not sure they should be dropped entirely simply because some people don’t use them. I think that making a tag mandatory (which I think has now been done) is a good step before throwing away the baby with the bathwater. :slight_smile:

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Something that would be really cool… would be if we could setup in our profiles keywords that would generate a notification. Like in Slack, I have “code potent” as a keyword alert…so even if someone doesn’t necessarily tag me, I still get a notification. I have a bunch set up in Slack. If there’s something like that for Discourse, devs could setup their own preferred strings and never miss a beat.

Edit: this is all I could find. The screenshot looks like you can only have 5 keywords, but, that’s more than zero! :smiley: That post is only a week old and the repo looks to be active… I bet it will work on this forum. :slight_smile:


Yes, that would be good.

And of course I have totally forgotten the bookmark feature! I just need to bookmark any post about CC when it appears and I will at least have my own personal reference.