ClassicCommerce missing product data dropdown

Just installed CC to test and cannot see the product data options.
I had this issue using WC a while ago and cannot remember the fix.

This is the dropdown - ‘simple product’, ‘variable product’ etc


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and just to add - if I install latest woocom - the product data option loads fine.

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I just updated CC on one of my sites to Version 1.0.4 and the product data options are there.

How do you get the latest woocommerce installed?
It’s supposed to run on wordpress >5.5 and ClassicPress is a fork of 4.9.

Installed latest CP as usual then CC on top of this.
Noticed the issue, deactivated CC and installed woocom then checked and the option was there.

Didn’t check anything else, didn’t run it etc, it just seemed to work - this is on a test install.

I just installed CC on my test CP site, PHP 7.4 and the product data metabox is there. So it must be a local issue. In order for us to help, a few things:

  1. Just to be sure, can you confirm product data metabox is checked under Screen Options? If yes, let’s continue.
  2. What’s your PHP version?
  3. Do you have any errors in your PHP error log or, if enabled, in your debug.log?
  4. Are there any JavaScript errors in the browser’s console?

Something is causing the metabox not to show. Let’s figure out what it is.


Additionally to what @viktor wrote, this could help
there seem to be possibly 3 causes:

  • a meanwhile fixed issue in WC (which CC might miss)
  • 3rd party plugins conflict (Test by disabling any other plugin, clearing cache, and switching theme),
  • browser specific conflicts (thus, test on other browsers if you see the same)

I think the problem is not that the Product Data box is missing, but that the dropdown for simple/variable product and the checkboxes for [virtual] and [download] are missing. (As clearly shown in OP screenshots)

I have the same on CC 1.0.3 and 1.0.4.
This is a test site with WP 5.7.2, PHP7.4.2 (MAMP)
All other plugins disabled or not makes no difference.
I can’t spot any errors.

Did you say you’re testing it on WordPress 5.7.2? Just want to confirm.

WooCommerce had this problem with WordPress 5.5, which was fixed in version 4.3.2. CC was forked from version 3.5.3. So it’s possible it’s missing that fix if used with WordPress 5.5+. That’s my only explanation so far.

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I can confirm that CC was never tested or intended to be compatible with later versions of WP. It was designed as a product for CP. That is (sadly) why I had to stop using CC when I went back to WP.

Whatever the intent, most people for the time being will be using WP as they’re looking to switch from WC to CC.

It’ll be useful to create some form of compatibility or a migration path so that those people can use your plugin with WP, at least temporarily.
If you’re lucky they’ll also switch to ClassicPress along the line.

So yes, for the time being I’m using Wordpress, and i need the variable thing (or in my case, specifically the virtual and downloadable checboxes that come with it) to work or I can’t switch to either CC or CP.
As this is a common/basic feature in WC, I’m sure most will people will have this simple requirement.

Fact is, if you migrate to CP and then install CC it will work. This issue you are facing occurs only when it is used on WP because CC is not a WP plugin, it was specifically developed to work with CP.
I can understand your point however, there should be a simple way to migrate a whole WP site to CP and at the same time take care of the migration from WC to CC, given the fact that with the introduction of the block editor WC has significantly diverged from what it was at the time CC was forked from it.
This is a “new” issue, and I think it is very important you mentioned that.because eventually this is what will happen to every plugin managing post types.
The question is: is it possible to develop an import from WC tool for CC able to take into account the growing differences between the two plugins?
I am not a plugin developer, however this seems to be a moving target.
I think a correct workflow should be something like:

  • WP user migrates to CP
  • CP detects WC and suggests to install CC
  • once CC is installed it detects WC and starts a wizard to safely import everything
  • in the end CC confirms that WC can be removed.
    That way it should be possible to completely migrate to a full CP solution from WC.

That’s a fair point. I’ve created an issue on GitHub for plugin developers to consider backporting the fix from WooCommerce.

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Right, thanks for your understanding and consideration.

I hope it will not be too hard to make it happen :partying_face:
I also understand that you’re looking to find your own way - A good initiative. But for these projects CP and CC to be successful the migration from WP/WC should be easy and forthcoming - Just like switching from WP to CP.

Not all converts are devs…

As an added consideration you may want to think about those who kinda like WooCommerce, but don’t nessesarily want (modern) WC… They may not necessarily care for ClassicPress. CC is then a excellent alternative, as long as it’s compatible with WP. And again, this may be a way to grow CP/CC as a ecosystem. Certainly something I could recommend to whoever asks/complains about the modern nonsense from Automattic.

Just a thought…

Looking forward to the update and fix. Happy to help testing.

We did discuss this a while back. The lead dev at the time decided it was just too difficult to keep up with all the constant and endless changes happening in WP. It would mean a lot testing and tweaking and we just didn’t have the resources. But I believe @omukiguy is still involved and he may be able to do that PR for you in the next version.

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I’m afraid that Classic Commerce was never intended to be an alternative to WooCommerce on WordPress. It has always been intended as an e-commerce plugin for ClassicPress.

So while this change might get backported from WC, there can be no guarantees of similar backports in the future.

But for the time being CC is in effect WC. And as you add new improvements in the coming year it’ll be less so.
Setting a baseline for easy migration makes sense, to me at least.

I also realized that while this specific thingy is kind of a dealbreaker for me and (presumably) many - If the migration can be expanded to also move to CP at the same time, this issue is less important.
And for my situation I’ll explore that when I have time.

Still, considering that some people may want to stick with WP and use CC on it it makes sense to create basic compatibility. I think having this thing fixed will be sufficient though, everything else seems to work fine and as expected.

Edit/add: Having such compatibility is also an opportunity to attract as many people from WP/WC to CP/CC as possible while the 2 are still somewhat aligned with each other.

In theory, maybe. But many such theories have been advanced and not realized. If it hasn’t made you change to CP, what makes you think it would have that effect on others?

I’m working on switching - Hence this whole discussion. I’m very much interested in migrating my sites over.

However, switching both WP/WC is too big of a step to take at once for me. So I want to move to CC first (My current WooCommerce is too new for CP). Then in theory my site is compatible to also switch to ClassicPress, from WP 5.8.
It’s a live site that I make my living with, so I have to be a bit careful with it.

In a logical world, there will be others that would follow a same migration path.

All besides the point of this ticket though - I just reported an issue and request it be fixed. I also spotted a potential opportunity for you guys to entice others to migrate over by making it easy for everyone. If you don’t wanna fix that or create some form of compatibility or migration routine… That’s your choice, but then you’ll make it a lot harder for people like me to actually use your stuff.

No, it’s not. And increasingly less so. WooCommerce 4.0 started to introduce database changes. I spent a lot of time examining and testing these and found it was still possible to move back from WC4 to CC.

I’m sure there will soon come a time when this is no longer feasible.

It’s Hobson’s choice actually. There is no-one to do the work, so it won’t get done. You could always take on the job yourself.

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