Improve color contrast of "visited" links

Not sure why I never noticed it. The gray color used to indicate visited links is a bit too bright, it doesn’t meet WCAG AA standard. If we can modify the forum’s stylesheet/colors, we should improve it. Lowering gray to #666666 is the easiest way.

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Now that I noticed it in one place, it showing up everywhere. It looks like #919191 should be replaced with a darker gray like #666666.

Easier said than done, looks like they are using css variables that are built:
color: var(--primary-medium) I can’t seem to set this anywhere so each update will need to be manually done.

Does this help?

I found those, but I couldn’t find the primary-medium, and looking I don’t see it listed there either?

It looks like we’re not the only ones trying to fix this problem and manual overriding is the way :unamused:

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Did I fix it?

Looks like it :joy:

Yes, looks like you fixed primary-medium, but your quest isn’t complete yet. Now you got to slay primary-low-mid-or-secondary-high and primary-med-or-secondary-med :joy:



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Same values?

primary-low-mid-or-secondary-high is #bdbdbd, and primary-med-or-secondary-med is #919191.

I meant the #666666, but I think those are good now! Cool, we found a good way around it, I will comment on that thread on meta :+1:

Anyways, we can continue to tweak it now that I know where we can go to do that :+1:

Yes, they look fixed. But now I found one more, seems to color icons: primary-low-mid. Same as the rest probably would be best.

Updated, I think we need to bump unread colours now though, I am finding it hard to see what I have and haven’t read.

What about using purple or bolding for unread?

I bumped it to just pure black, still not 100% sure I like it. Bolding it player weird with all headings.

What about using deep violet brand color? #361946 It’s dark but different from black/dark gray.

The issue is it is the primary, and I don’t know where else that is used.

I think it is better pure black, let’s just see what everyone else thinks :+1:

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