Improved Media Library

I suggest an improved media library, because this is a feature of WP which has been strongly neglected in the past. Whenever someone came up with a new proposal, most of it went under, unheard or was post-poned till somewhere in the far-off future.

At least having some option to display files and directories in a classic tree view would be great. Oh, and a slightly more welcoming Media API.

Both features would be very welcome. The former one should sooth newcomers, who are used to having a “regular” overview of their media, while the latter should rush forward plugin development.

Update (2018-12-18)

This petition was posted by Fabian Wolf.

It had 95 votes.

The status was open.

It had the following tags:

  • difficulty-moderate
  • request-modify-feature
  • cp-research-plugin
  • request-add-feature
  • difficulty-hard

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I don’t think there’s any doubt that the media library can be improved but I think we should break it down into manageable chunks. We should agree what the main issues are and create a wishlist.

In the past, I’ve used this plugin - with good results - to replace the standard media library: but I have two go-to plugins that I install on nearly every site: and

Perhaps we could look at puling out the media library from the core and then tweak it as required. As has already been mentioned, there’s a research repository for this already at if anyone wants to take that on?