Installatron response

I’ve been in touch with Installatron to ask if they’d consider adding ClassicPress to their app installer. This is their response:

We’re aware of ClassicPress and we’ll certainly be having a close look at it at the next round of new installers. Unfortunately we can’t consider it right at the moment because we have too much work to do (and, frankly, WordPress is maybe a much as a 3rd of our maintenance and support load already so we need to be careful adding a sibling :}.

But we like the sound of it and we’ll certainly give it serious consideration when we’re next adding installers.

Not exactly the most encouraging of responses but not entirely hopeless either?

It’d be good if we could get Softaculous on board as it might then encourage Installatron to move it up their “to do” list.


Exactly. If one does it then I’m sure the other will want to keep up.


We use Installatron … it has olde versions of WP going back a very long way … so we install WP4.9, and convert to CP.


Thanks @davidmcc3 - this looks like a very good approach for now!