iThemes Security + CP

I had reached out to iThemes about registering for CP. Their response is below:

Hi Erin,

Thank you for the offer and for bringing this to our attention! Currently, we do not plan to develop anything for ClassicPress. You should still be able to use Security, for now, however we can’t guarantee that it will continue to update as both Security and ClassicPress continue to update.



For now, no plans, but that doesn’t mean they won’t at some point. iTSec does currently work with CP 1. 1 and iTSec 7.4.1


Hi @LeslieM and welcome. :slight_smile:

For security, it seems many CP users have gone with Shield Security as they have included ClassicPress support (even though the language is still decidedly “WP” in the dashboard). I know, the idea of configuring a new security plugin is no fun, but, at least it’s an option.

A couple of other resources to check out are the list of plugins confirmed working with CP 1.x and the list of plugins built specifically for ClassicPress.


Thank you John for the kind welcome and the resources!

I checked out your website and just installed your PHP error log plugin. I really like the GUI. :grinning: I’m currently using it!


Sure thing. I appreciate the feedback, as well. :slight_smile:


Hi @LeslieM - welcome!

I switched to Shield on all my sites (previously using WordFence) because they are definitely supporting CP. It’s been working fine for me.


Thank you for the welcome Alan!

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